Eclipses - 2023

A penumbral lunar eclipse will occur in the zodiac house of Scorpio on May 5, 2023. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs due to the full immersion of the Moon in the earth’s penumbral cone. However, it does not touch the earth’s umbra. The Moon can only pass with a narrow pathway within the penumbra and outside umbra at the earth’s northern or southern penumbral edges.

The greatest eclipse will be visible for about 257 minutes and 31 seconds. It will possess a magnitude of 0.9636. The greatest eclipse will be visible at 17:22:51.

Lunar Eclipse May 2023

Visibility of the eclipse

• Asia

• Australia

• Africa

• Eastern Europe

Effects of the penumbral lunar eclipse

The penumbral eclipse causes only slight shadowing of the Moon. It is also known as the ‘mourning moon’. Lunar eclipses have held significant spiritual, astrological, and historical meanings. They are thought to provide us with energy for entire seasons, or days.

In many ancient and modern cultures, lunar eclipses were known as a bad omen or paranormal occurrences. According to an ancient myth, it was believed that the lunar eclipse occurred due to the attack of a jaguar on the Moon. The people were afraid that the animal would soon visit the earth and attack them. To drive the imaginary jaguar away, they would beat their dogs and animals so that they make noise and keep the jaguar away.

Meanwhile, according to Christianity Blood Moon was the wrath of God, and it occurred during the day of the crucifixion of Jesus. It has significant meaning in astrology too.

The penumbral eclipse occurring in Scorpio will bring a lot of change. Get ready to let it shake up and transform your world for the better. Give space to new beginnings.

The Moon shining brightly in the sky connotes radiance. It will bring to light every hidden matter. With the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio acting as opposing energies, people will make emotional declarations, they will speak up about their innate desires. They won’t even consider the consequences of doing so. They will face the results, good or bad, in the upcoming months. You will be improving your relationships, professional sector, and intimacy. Use this time to your benefit.

You will feel very goal-oriented. Your curiosity will also be high. However, you shall use it for your benefit rather than turning it into inquisitiveness. Also, Scorpio has a deep yearning for digging out mysteries. With the eclipse in Scorpio, expect a lot many mysteries unleashing.

Some of the myths associated with the lunar eclipse might even be true. Wear purple or black and go out in the open under the direct exposure of the eclipse in some dark and lonely area, you might even witness some paranormal entity from other dimensions or a spirit of a dead person. Wear an amulet or crucifix for your protection. Wearing purple or black on this day would be favorable as these are colors of Scorpio.

Effects of this lunar eclipse on Zodiac Signs

Effects May 2023

Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will be most affected by the penumbral lunar eclipse.


Taurus, the eclipse won’t be favorable for you. Scorpio is your opposite sign. It advocates change, and you hate change. However, you can’t resist change under the influence of the lunar eclipse. You will also be pushed out of your comfort zone. Take this as an opportunity to grow horizons of your experiences rather than silently sulking in a corner. You will feel nervous, somewhat depressed, and endangered. Hang out with your friends to make you feel better. Also, Taurus as you are a good stalker, use the energy from the eclipse to your benefit and stalk around your new crush or an annoying Ex. You would find a lot of information.


Leo, get ready for change. You might even enjoy it, depending on the prospect of change. The lunar eclipse is providing you with an opportunity to step up your game. Take the chance head-on, you ferocious lion!


Scorpio, the eclipse will prove favorable for you. It will give you the extra energy to make amendments in life where needed. Your curiosity would be high, and you would be stumbling upon a lot many revelations with that detective in you, fully energized.


Aquarius, the eclipse will make you feel somewhat aloof. You also resist change like Taurus and would be stubborn. However, you too have no option. Thus, you shall come out of your shell and rather socialize to lift your spirits.

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