Planetary Influences - July 2022

Mars and Rahu in Aries –(June 26 - August 10)

Mars entered its own house of Aries during the last days of June 2022 and the New Moon for the month happened on the 28th and thus Rahu or the Moon’s North Node happens to be in Aries as well. Mars in its own house is very potent and gives us the energy to plunge into action quite aggressively. Mars shows its effect on the houses of Cancer, Libra and Scorpio by its 4th, 7th and 8th house aspects.

On the 12th of July, Saturn would be shifting houses to Capricorn, its favorite abode after which Aries and its inhabitants of Mars and Rahu would escape the aspects of Saturn. This would be driving us towards positive territory.

Mars in Aries would be aspected by Ketu or the Dragon’s Tail and this would bring about obstacles of sorts. Only total commitment to the purpose would be the key to survival during this period. It is the apt time to stay on track and keep working. Much energy and sparks around might be felt which ought to be channeled through proper sources for maximum benefit.


Mercury Transits Gemini –(July 2 – 16)

Mercury in the earthy sign of Taurus during the last days of June, shifts to its own air sign of Gemini on the 2nd of July and would be here till the middle of the month. This would be a good time for communication and networking. All your educational and travel jobs can be best done this period without much inhibitions as Mercury is direct and gaining speed.

On the 2nd of July there is the rare occurrence of a host of planets being in their own signs with Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter in Pisces, Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus and finally Mercury in Gemini. This is a great sight to behold and keeps a smooth flow of energy around. But then some minor adjustments need to be done here and there.

Mercury slowly starts to pick up speed and would be joining the Sun in Cancer on the 16th of July. As a result there is the combustion of Mercury resulting in its loss of energy. This is a time to lay low and slow down and pace and look out for signals around.


Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn - July 12

Saturn retrograding through the sign of Aquarius enters Capricorn on the 12th of July. It stays in Capricorn till the 22nd of October when it goes direct at 25 degrees of Capricorn. Then it would be entering Aquarius during January 2023 and would be here till March 2025. Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn would invite us to make certain adjustments to our basics in life.

Saturn in Capricorn would be aspecting the signs of Pisces, Cancer and Libra by its 3rd, 7th and 10th house aspects. These signs would feel the pinch during this season, add to this the retrograde motion would further ask us to review our plans for the future.

Our growth being aided by Jupiter in its own sign of Pisces would be curbed by the restricting Saturn from Capricorn. The effects would be more pronounced when Jupiter starts to retrograde on the 28th of July . The sign of Cancer gets the aspects of Jupiter from Pisces, Saturn from Capricorn and Mars form Aries. This would help to bring about a balance in life. And Libra would be getting the aspects of Mars, Rahu and Saturn and would focus the lights on judiciary , relationships and politics.


Venus Transits Gemini-( July 13 – August 6)

Venus in the earthy sign of Taurus as July starts shifts to the house of Gemini, the abode of Mercury on the 13th of July and stays here till the 6th of August. This would bring our social life to the focus with the creative side being projected as well. Venus through the sign of Gemini is quite a safe and beneficial transit. This is a good time to start pursuing your creative juices for now. You can travel, enjoy nature and try to socialize as much as possible as the stars are in your favor for now.

Venus in Gemini also favors your relationships as communication with spouse or partner would also be on a good vibe .Mercury would help to bring about balance and harmony in your relationship for the period.


Full Moon in Sagittarius- July 13

The waxing Moon comes into exact opposition with the other luminary Sun which is at 28 degrees of Sagittarius while it treads through 28 degrees of Gemini. This full Moon of Sagittarius is celebrated as Guru Poornima or the day when those who teach us are celebrated and worshipped or revered.

This full Moon is a time of heightened activity when most of the planets are favorably placed in their respective homes. However we would be followed by a period of lull activity which can be used for re-tracking our paths.


Sun in Cancer –(July 16 – August 16)

Sun in the sign of Gemini from mid-June transits to the house of Cancer, the watery sign which happens to be the abode of Moon on the 16 th of July and stays here for a month till mid- August. This is a time when our expression of feelings and emotions gets highlighted. As the Sun transits through Cancer, it gets the aspect of Mars from Aries, Jupiter from Pisces and Saturn from Capricorn. The Sun is in friendly territory for the period and hence this would be a good time to spend with family and enjoy the goodness of life.

The mixed aspects of the restricting Saturn and the expansive Jupiter on the Sun makes sure that there is a perfect balance of everything in life. With the aspect of Mars some fiery energy would be poured in which might make us quite impatient and egoistic occasionally. Always remember your purpose in life and let go off of any small hitches that come your way, keep going.


Mercury Transits Cancer-( July 16 – July 31)

Mercury transiting through Gemini, its own house moves over to the zodiac sign of Cancer where Sun is currently transiting on the 16th and would be there till the end of the month. Mercury would be favorably placed in the house of Moon and in the company of the Sun. It slowly distances itself from the Sun as well picking up speed.

In Cancer, Mercury gets the aspect of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Hence this mixed effects remind us to lay low and remain grounded. There might be delays and hindrances around. However this can be a good time to garner or take stock of our resources and plan for the adventure trips ahead in life.


New Moon in Cancer- July 28

The luminaries, the Sun and the Moon join together at 12 degrees of Cancer forming the New Moon for the month of July. And this New Moon combination would be aspected by the 5th house aspect of Jupiter from Pisces. Like all New Moon periods, this would be a time when we would feel low both on the physical and mental planes.

The New Moon in Cancer gets the aspect of Jupiter from Pisces, Saturn from Capricorn and Mars from Pisces. This will give us the necessary power and freedom to garner our energy and resources and adjust to the new realms around.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograding during this New Moon and this would strike a good balance between our ambitions and realities. Saturn’s aspect on Moon reinforces our love pursuits. The New Moon advises us to be thankful to those who are our great help in times of immense need.


Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces –(July 28 – November 23)

As July prepares to end, Jupiter starts its retrograde motion on the 28th and would continue so till the 23rd of November. Jupiter is full of strength in its own house of Pisces and its purpose of growth and expansion and gains of wisdom get more pronounced now during this retrograde phase. This period is a time when we ought to introspect and look to our inner side rather than focusing on the outside world.

Jupiter entering the house of Pisces in April, would have brought about major changes in our lifestyles. And with this retrograde motion, Jupiter asks us to make certain changes or adjustments to go with the flow.


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