Planetary Influences - August 2022

Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces-( July 28 - November 23)

Jupiter has been transiting the watery sign of Pisces from April 2022 enabling growth and expansion for all the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. And during the last days of July 2022, Jupiter went retrograde and would be so for the next four months or so till November end. This might hinder the expansion and growth plans of Jupiter for quite sometime. Add to this the third house aspect of Saturn on Jupiter in Pisces which further restricts the energy levels and performance of Jupiter.

The water sign of Cancer in particular stands to get greatly affected during this time as it receives the aspects of both Jupiter from Pisces and Saturn from Capricorn. This is a potent effect on this water sign bringing about a structured and disciplined growth for Cancer natives. Jupiter is in a water sign, Saturn is in an earth sign and Cancer happens to be a water sign and this combination is very ideal for making some good emotional and mental balancing. This period can be best utilized to bring about mind-body rejuvenation.


Mercury Transits Leo –(July 31 - August 20)

In July 2022, Mercury transited through the water sign of Cancer and moved over to Leo on the last day of July. In Cancer, Mercury was under the combined aspects of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. However in Leo it gets away from all these aspects and gets back to its routine without much effects.

With the transit to Leo, Mercury had come out of its combustion with the luminary Sun as well. But then it gets the aspect of Rahu or the Moon’s North node from Aries which would strengthen its energy. Hence it is a great time to get your message across. All communication lines are open now.

Then from the 10th of August, Mercury would be aspected by Mars from Taurus, which further would give us the courage to send the message across the board. In general, this transit of Mercury through the house of Leo would aid all our creative and communicative efforts these days.


Venus Transits Cancer-( August 6 – 31)

Venus in Gemini as August 2022 starts transits to the adjacent house of Cancer on the 6th of August and would be here till the end of the month. With Jupiter and Saturn aspecting the house of Cancer, Venus here would aid all of our self-care routines and cleaning procedures through the period. This is a good time to take up any sort of work that needs care-taking or nurturing. You can take the time to socialize and improve your health regimen these days.

Venus transiting through the sign of Cancer would also stir up our emotions, hence be cautious and think analytically and logically with ample reasoning.


Mars Transits Taurus-( August 10 - October 15)

Mars transiting through its own house of Aries moves over to the next house of Taurus, the abode of Venus and would be here till mid-October. Mars is currently preparing for a retrograde during mid the same period when it once again would be returning to Taurus.

Mars in Taurus is a good time for planning and making progress in our lives. From Taurus, Mars happens to aspect the houses of Leo , Scorpio and Sagittarius by its 4th, 7th and 8th house aspects. This Mars in the house of Venus is a good energy that enlivens our passion. Mars is all about a fiery and resourceful energy while Venus exhibits feminine power. This attractive and repulsive force between the energies of Mars and Venus favors the growth of some good personal experiences around. Mars in Taurus is an apt time to start building some of our dreams on solid grounds.


Full Moon in Capricorn- August 11

On the 11th of August, the Moon in Capricorn is at 26 degrees and it comes in exact opposition to the other luminary, the Sun which is currently traversing at 26 degrees of Cancer forming the Full Moon for August.

This Full Moon is full of potent energy. In Capricorn, the Moon joins Saturn bringing about some emotional upheavals. The Sun in Cancer on the other hand is joined by Mercury. During the full Moon period, allow your emotions to take shape, this is a good time to ramp up your spiritual works.

Also around this Full Moon, the Sun and Saturn would be in exact opposition (180 deg). Saturn focuses on social connections while the Sun gives importance to the self. This opposition between the duo asks us to strike a good balance between personal and social needs.


Sun Transits Leo-( August 16 - September 16)

The Sun in Cancer moves onto its own house of Leo on the16th of August and stays here till mid-September. Sun in Leo is very strong and promotes all leadership and professional goals.

In Leo, the Sun gets the aspect of Mars from Taurus and Rahu from Aries. This is a great setting that promotes our creative pursuits to the fullest. On the 20th of August, Mercury gets out of Leo, leaving only Sun there and this shines the spotlight onto the centre-stage. This is a great time for self love and self-nurturing. Leo natives in particular would see some major changes in their personal and career life through this Sun transit.


Mercury Transits Virgo –(August 20 - October 26)

Mercury in Leo exits and gets into the sign of Virgo on the 20th of August and stays here till October end. In Virgo Mercury would be starting a retrograde phase shortly after the first week of September. In Virgo, Mercury is at its own territory and is exalted therein. This gives Mercury the much needed energy to stand in its ground.

This strong Mercury in Virgo aids our studies, our analytical aptitude and all communication channels are open. Mercury is now in direct motion, slowly gaining momentum for its retrograde phase. This is a good time to complete all your tasks at hand because retrograde phase would not be viable for the same to be pursued.


New Moon in Leo- August 27

The Full Moon of August 11th starts to wane and its joins the Sun on the 27th to form a New Moon at 10 degrees of Leo. And this New Moon in Leo would be aspected by Mars from Taurus and Rahu from Aries. Hence be prepared to handle some sudden flare-ups. We are advised to lay low, be patient and avoid all impulsive behaviour for the period. The aspects on the New Moon would fuel our desires and at the same time would arm us with courage to forge ahead.

The New Moon is a good time to pursue our creative ventures and gain strength and courage to keep going come what may.


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