2018 Libra Planetary Influences


This year, Libra natives would be filled with ideas resulting in expression of the same that would bring name and fame for them. However you are advised to be cautious with your moves as the planetary placements for the period suggest the same. Do realize that only when you put hard work the planets would be rewarding for you this period.

For the first half of 2018, Jupiter favours your getting into the good books of those around you, particularly authorities and higher-ups in society. A good time for healing and remove the stumbling blocks in your path. Libra natives are advised against financial over-spending this period. Then for the second half of the year, Jupiter would emphasize travel , academic and business pursuits and keeps the Libra natives busy. Much commitment is expected on your part this time of the year, and if you push your boundaries then the sky would be the limit.

During 2018, Saturn would help the Libra guys to prune their relationships. Get rid off redundant relationships and forge new ties that are good for body and soul. By releasing unwanted energy off from you , your life becomes light and easier to handle. Saturn brings about a sense of discipline and loyalty in your life this year.

The outer planets Uranus and Neptune would help the Libra guys to better express themselves this year. You would be able to see beauty and love in a new perspective. A new dimension can be noticed in your overall personality.

Pluto would be able to bring about major changes in the way you perceive things. Your very though process changes now and it would bring about major breakthroughs in your life this year.

The eclipses due in year 2018 would have a major impact in the lives of Libra natives as these are high-energy times. Be prepared to handle different types of crisis during these eclipses. Professional changes are in the offing when the eclipses happen. Your creativity and commitment to professional and personal life might take a beating now.

Grow with the flow, take changes in a regal temper and success would be yours. The end of the year would bring hope thanks to the planetary placements during that time.