The love life of Geminis would be at its peak as the year 2018 starts on a high note. In February, your business or career pursuits or favored and you would be able to garner good knowledge and repute in your area of work.

Then the third month of the year would see in your fullest form of energy, that there would be achievement of your ideals and ambitions in life.

April 2018, would be a gainful period for Gemini guys. Also a time when relationships can be taken up after much scrutiny. May would be a time to get closer to your family and friends.

Get connected to them in all ways possible for now. Around the middle of the year, Gemini natives would be quite busy, also expect major changes in your life path.

2018 Gemini  Snapshot

The start of the second half of the year in July, would bless you with good financials. Hence it would be a good time to save some and indulge with the other half. August 2018 might bring some heart-aches in your love and romance area.

The month of September likely to encourage you to take rash and impulsive decisions. Stay clear of financial overspending for this period. For the 10th month of the year, Gemini people would be having their hands full, with many things on the anvil, be sure to complete them one by one.

November calls you to stick to your guns and conscience. Then the year is likely to end on a positive note with multiple opportunities coming your way.