January 2018 is period when Aquarius guys get to decide their future course of action in life. Take resolutions that you can live up to. February would keep you quite busy in personal and professional life.

Then the third month of the year would improve your financial standing quite substantially.
All your dreams and ambitions are likely to materialize around April in 2018.

And the month of May might raise health and family issues for some Aquarius fellows. The middle of the year around June brings good tidings on the home front for most of you natives.

2018 Aquarius  Snapshot

Then July of the year would be full of trials as far as your general health and domestic welfare is concerned. Look out for the planetary influences during that month.

The Mercury retrograde that takes in August would be hindering and delaying your progress in personal and professional life for quite sometime, be prepared to handle the same.

September 2018 would be a quite and peaceful time for you to relax and introspect. Spiritual and social works can be taken up for the time being. October would be a good month when your relationships and marital harmony would be at its best.

Some long-last relationships would be brought back to you. November would also be equally good from the relationship point of view. Natives would be able to attract potential partners into their vicious circle. And year 2018 ends on a good note with all things working favorably towards your goodness.