2016 Virgo Horoscope


In this year you are to take changes that come in your family life with ease. Patience and lending your ears would be the key to survival here. Though you cannot do much towards the dynamic changes in your home life, make sure that you do not harm. Let your loved ones get ample love and security from you for this period.


For Virgo students, the year 2016 holds good promises and better results in their educational endeavors. You would excel in all competitive exams and tests that you go through. However after the middle part of the year, there would be some hiccups for some Virgo natives. They might encounter obstacles of all sorts. Those not interested in their course of study could change their stream of study mid-way if willing.


The year holds less prospects for travel. But small and short trips are on the anvil which could be taken for rest and rejuvenation. You would be having your hands full for this year that you would not be able to think much about pleasure trips though business related travels are possible for the year. Keep your travels short and trouble -free.


All Virgo natives are advised to make full use of their potential and resources for this season. Though this would be a testing time, stay connected with your loved ones. Rely on them for mental support. The need of the year would bring in its fair share of trials and tribulations. Be prepared to handle it with ease.


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