2012 Horoscope - Leo


Renewed energy levels are predicted for you this year which shall help you to achieve your long sought after goals in life. Your creative talents shall come to the forefront this year. Your wishes and aspirations shall materialize. You ought to make some major sacrifices for family or home sake. Take life as it comes by and live it simply in a positive sense.
Some laziness might set in during the last quarter of the year. But beware that only strong actions shall give good rewards in life.


Much orientation would be seen in your career front this year. Though personal problems might drag your feet, you shall come out with good colors in the professional field for this period. Teamwork shall suit you well this time unlike the last few years. Be sure that you do not enter into loggerheads with authorities and peers in work place. The last quarter of the year shall bring profits much to your surprise. New agreements and contracts can be signed during this period.


Savings shall be your keyword for the year of 2012. It would come in handy during a rainy day. Prepare a balanced budget and make sure you stick to it. Profits are predicted for the year 2012, only if some audacity is practiced. Some legal or career issues might make a dent in your purse during the middle of the year, hence beware. The end of the year shall see you in good spirits as far as your financial standing is concerned.


Do not chew more than you can bite. Do not venture into relationship with whoever passes by. Communicate your desires to your partner in the right sense. Some difficulties would be encountered en-route this year as far relationships are concerned. Many sensual and intense moments in your relationship are forecast for the year ahead. The first quarter of the year shall bring in luck if you are single and in search of an ideal partner. If already into a contract, then some tensions are forecast. But that would soon pass off as the passing wind.


You need to maintain a balanced lifestyle for goodness in health this year. Else something bad might strike you any moment as you had in the previous few years. Of course, you need to enjoy the pleasures of the world, but let it be minimal. Do try your level best to maintain your shape and weight this year. The last quarter of the year shall see you in good health and cheer. Take ample time for rest, sleep and exercises for a more healthier you.

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