2012 Capricorn Horoscope | Capricorn 2012 Horoscope

2012 Horoscope - Capricorn


This year would be generally a year of low profile for you. It helps you to enter a serene and peaceful atmosphere. You can go in for introspection and spiritual pursuits for the year. Much reflection can be done on your future prospects of the course of your life. You are likely to give up some of your projects that were dear to your hear this year. Your ambitions might take a back seat. Don't lose heart and let optimism take over you. Certain impulsive actions should be taken in your personal and professional life this year.


New contracts and agreements would be signed in your professional field. Much precision needs to be implemented in doing your works. Show courage and commitment in all your endeavors. Be sure you get the goodwill of your authorities. If willing for a change, then this is the right time. Your hidden talents are likely to come to the fore this year. The first quarter of the year shall see some hindrances on your career path. But do not lose heart and keep going.


You are likely to have a firm footing with regard to finances this year. Long term projects shall see the light of the day after much delays and hindrances in the past years. Inflow and circulation of money would be satisfactory though you cannot expect a windfall. Business pursuits shall reward well during the first quarter of the year when compared to services. Some artistic pursuits shall also see a better flow of finances during the course of the year.


Your love issues take up the center of attraction in your circle this year. Much emotional happiness is predicted for the year ahead. You are likely to meet your perfect companion if not already into a relationship. You would be attracted to those who understand your feelings, emotions and sensitivity. Express your feelings with an open heart to your partner. This is just a passing year with no major events or mishaps in your love life.


Do not take much risks with your health issues this coming year. Commit yourself to better health habits and pursuits this year. Manage your energy levels in the best possible way so that you do not end up drained at the end of the year. Do not procrastinate your visit to the doctor or dentist. Something bad would be lurking around the corners. The last quarter of the year shall see you in a more calm and peaceful atmosphere and is an ideal time for relaxing and revamping. For all 2012 Capricorn Horoscope.

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2013 Capricorn Horoscope