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Monthly Horoscope Video - February 2024.

26 Jan 2024

Monthly Horoscope - February 2024. Astrology prediction for this month February and horoscopes for all zodiac signs. Watch your Monthly Horoscope Video

Ano ang aasahan ngayong Valentine's day

14 Feb 2023

Ang Araw ng mga Puso ay magiging isang espesyal na araw para sa halos lahat ng mga zodiac sign.

What to expect this Valentine's day

11 Feb 2023

This Valentines Day is going to be a special day for almost all the zodiac signs. This is because Venus, the planet of love is in conjunction (0 deg) with Neptune in the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Cazimi - sa puso ng Araw

18 Jan 2023

Ang Cazimi ay isang medieval term, ito ay nagmula sa Arabic na termino para sa "sa puso ng Araw". Ito ay isang espesyal na uri ng dignidad ng planeta at nagmamarka ng isang espesyal na sandali kapag ang isang planeta ay malapit na kasabay ng Araw...

Cazimi - in the heart of the Sun

10 Jan 2023

Cazimi is a medieval term, it comes from the Arabic term for in the heart of the Sun. This is a special type of planetary dignity and marks a special moment when a planet is in close conjunction with the Sun, to be precise within 1 degree or below 17 mins.