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Cazimi is a medieval term, it comes from the Arabic term for “ in the heart of the Sun”. This is a special type of planetary dignity and marks a special moment when a planet is in close conjunction with the Sun, to be precise within 1 degree or below 17 mins. When a planet is in Cazimi with the Sun, it would be a very rare and auspicious event.  It is one of the best forms of luck. It is an accidental dignity and the Moon would be in Cazimi with the Sun for about one hour time, half an hour before and half an hour after a New Moon.

The Sun is the source of energy and illumination for our entire solar system. It represents our ego, pride and self in astrological studies. The Sun is said to be very powerful, both astrologically and astronomically. It has tremendous force that is capable of supporting life here on planet earth. All the planets are in constant movement around the Sun. When they come near the Sun, the planets lose their power and identity and get burnt which is termed as combustion in astrology. Sometimes, they come still closer to the Sun.  This journey towards the Sun within an orb of 16 to 17 mins is called as Cazimi. When the planets are between 8 to 18degrees they are said to be under the Sun’s beams and when between 1 to 8 degrees are said to be combust, which are the other two forms of conjunction.

Cazimi – one of the conjunctions with the Sun

There is a sweet spot right in the heart of the fiery Sun within 16 to 17 mins which is a place of privilege and influence great ectasy.  Usually , a cazimi with the Sun is tied to the retrograde cycle of the planet. Cazimi of a planet is all about the highlighting of ones’ skill, talent and opportunity.  

Mercury, Venus and the Moon get into cazimi with the Sun often while the planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn conjunct with the Sun less frequently. 

What to do during Cazimi?

The cazimi period is full of energy and this energy has to be channeled into meditations and for making goals. One need to  be proactive during the period. We ought to focus on our intentions in life and make sure our affirmations are positive and right on place.

Here are the different planet Cazimis, what it means to us, and how we should approach it:


The Moon cazimi occurs every month when both the luminaries meet and this is an auspicious time when the seeds of our ambitions can be planted. This is a period of good luck which brings about opportunities. A Cazimi Moon is in effect for about half an hour before and half an hour after conjunction with the Sun. Do note that not all New moons are Cazimis.


Mercury cazimis are said to be very potent and powerful. We are asked to journal everything that occurs during the period. While conjunction completely shuts the power of Mercury, the Cazimi is  a time of greater insight and mental clarity. This is a good time to make your intentions clear and start projects. We can work in tandem with a Mercury Cazimi getting a new perspective of our life a different level of perception and consciousness. Mercury cazimis are neither rare nor very common.  It brings to the fore things that are deep, hidden and out of our sight. 


A Venus cazimi happens when the Sun and the Venus meet at the same place at the same time in a conjunction. Venus cazimi periods are potent periods for our lives when the energy of Venus gets purified by the rays of the Sun. During Venus cazimi potential passions or special problems in our love or better understood. The Sun helps you to freely and deeply share your love intentions for the period. Venus cazimi occurs every 9 to 12 months period and in different zodiac signs.


When Mars comes into conjunction with the Sun, Mars cazimi occurs. This would be a good time to start a new adventure in life. It is mostly associated with topics related to the house of Leo. This period gives us the courage to advocate ourselves freely in relationships so that better balance is brought about in our relationships. We would get the guts and power to fight for what is right in relationships. It guides us to remain still and garner strength at times.


Jupiter cazimi happens when the conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter happens. This cazimi has the ability to transform luck dramatically. You would be empowered with wisdom.  Jupiter cazimi is full of hope and awe and indicates something more bigger and expansive beyond our measures.  Jupiter cazimi period is when blessings flow naturally towards us  without much asking.


Saturn cazimi, is not for the faint-hearted they say. This would be a time when Saturn and Sun get into conjunction and when we can purge our personal problems. Generally, those with Saturn cazimi are known as rule makers. They survive on routines but are more focussed, disciplined and hard working. They are very mature in their thoughts, are good in planning and are totally responsible to their positions. They are always focussed on the task at hand and do not mind treading the narrow path. Saturn cazimi teaches us that worthy things in life are hard to get and need lot of effort and commitment.

2023 Dates for Mercury Cazimi 

January 7th, 2023 at 16° Capricorn

May 1st, 2023 at 11° Taurus 

September 6th, 2023 at 14° Virgo

December 22nd, 2023 at 0° Capricorn

2023 Venus Cazimi Date

13 August 2023 – 20 Leo

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