Love marriage

Love marriage can be predicted when the lords of the 7th and 5th are associated with each other or are in each other's houses. The lords of the 7th and 6th and 1st and 7th can also show the same result. Mars in the 4th house shows an inclination for love marriage probably due to an unhappy maternal home.

Unconventional Marriages

On of the biggest factors in determining unconventional relationships, especially a preference for same gender partnerships, is the presence of the conjunction or opposition of Venus and Rahu. Venus afflicted in anyway would show that the relationship Karma is out of the ordinary. It could also indicate a tendency to form unconventional relationships, such as marriage to a foreigner, marriage to a person with the great difference in age or religious background, multiple relationships, either simultaneously or in serial, and the like.

Astrological rulers of Marriage

Ascendant - Basic strength or disposition towards partnering.

Venus -indicates how we love and relate with each other.

Jupiter - husband, children, support and fortune.

5th house - Love or Romance, children.

7th house, ruler of 7th, planets in 7th - Marriage or partnership.

Moon and 4th house - Emotions and internal stability of home.

Mercury -communication and understanding.

Mars, Scorpio, Aries, 1st and 8th - Passion, sexual vitality and action.

Conjunction of Saturn and Mars - harmful passion.

Conjunction of Mars and Venus - Sexual attraction, passion, violence or conflict when afflicted.

Conjunction of Venus and Saturn - Either a dutiful bond or a restrictive bond.

Venus, 12th house - Sexual pleasure.

Saturn, Capricorn and 10th, Virgo and 6th - Service and duty to partner.

Astrological Causes for delayed marriage

1. Slow moving Saturn is a planet of delay, obstacles and frustration. Its influence on the 7th house of marriage has a natural tendency to cause delay in the matter.

2. The Nodes of the Moon too are obstructive planets and behave in a manner similar to Saturn and Mars.

3. Kuja Dosha, Mars aspecting the 7th house is also a delaying factor, involving protracted search for a suitable match with similar Dosha.

4. Afflictions to the 2nd house ruling family and Venus may also lead to delay.

Timing of Marriage

Marriage is likely when:-

a. When the lord of the Ascendant transits the 7th, especially when, either Jupiter or Saturn is such planet.

b. When Jupiter transits radical Venus or the 5th or 9th from radical Venus.

c. When Jupiter transits trines from the 7th or the Moon-sign or Ascendant.

d. When Jupiter aspects either the Ascendant or the Moon.

e. Dasa of the planet placed in the 7th or the Dasa of a planet aspecting the 7th or their mutual Dasa and Bhukti or the Dasa of the 7th lord is running.

Chiron in marriage

A 120-degree angle between Chiron and Venus is favorable for marriage.

A180-degree angle made between Saturn and Chiron produces a stressful married life.

Auspicious Time to solemnize a marriage

Nakshatras - Rohini, Mirigasira, Maka, Uttara, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Moola, Uttarabadra, Sravana, Satabisha, Uttarashada, Revathi are the ideal Nakshatras during which a marriage can be solemnized.

If this is not possible consider the secondary Nakshatras which are also satisfactory. Secondary Nakshatras are Aswani, Punarvasu, Pushya, Chitra, Dhanishta.

Thithi -2,3,5,7,10,11,12,13 dates from Poornima or Amavasya are good for conducting marriages.

But Poornima and Amavasya are to be avoided.

The Ascendants that are good for wearing a marriage ring or chain are Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

Parents-in-law and Astrological Links

If the 3rd and 10th houses and their lords related to Moon are strong or weak, one may find happiness or unhappiness respectively from father-in-law and mother-in-law.

If the 3rd lord and 10th lords are strong and not spoiled in Navamsa, one gets happiness from parents-in-law.

If the 3rd and 10th houses or their own lords are well aspected or associated with benefics and their lords and Jupiter signifying male elders and Venus ruling female elders are well placed and well aspected, one may predict without inhibition that the native would enjoy the blessings of both father-in-law and mother-in-law.

The 10 Poruthams for Marriage

Dina - For Good health and longevity.

Gana - prosperity of the couple.

Mahendra - bestows prosperous children.

Stree Dirgha - bestows all round prosperity.

Yoni - sexual compatibility.

Rasi - prosperity in family life.

Rasyadhipa - loving and affectionate partners.

Vasya - Mental attraction and happy married life.

Rajju - long and prospective married life.

Vedha - prevents unhappiness.

Nadi - it signifies pulse or nervous energy.

Early Marriage

Marriage take place early in life if a strong benefic lord of the 7th is in association with the lord of the Ascendant, or a strong Venus combines with the lord of the Ascendant or Venus and lord of the 7th occupy quadrants.

When the lord of the 7th stands near the lord of the Ascendant or a benefic is placed near the 1st or the 7th house, marriage takes place very early in life.

When benefics occupy the Ascendant, 2nd and the 7th and these houses have benefic aspects, marriage will take place early in life.

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