Eclipses have long fascinated the earthy inhabitants. They were awestruck by these sudden happenings in the sky above. Ethnic groups around the world follow various rituals when an eclipse is due. Even in the modern world people believe that eclipses bring with them a bad omen. To be precise eclipses occur when the alignment of the earth, the sun and the moon in the sky changes.

The only precaution to be taken is regarding the protection of the eyes when viewing eclipses. When the eclipse falls in the various zodiac houses, astrology has an explanation for the same.

Eclipse Astrology

Eclipse in the First House

If an eclipse falls in your 1st House then this is the time to take a strong stand in your life come what may, you may change the way or style you look if you are willing, and you would be able to take an independent stand in life. Self-awareness also comes to the fore when an eclipse falls on your first house.

Eclipse in the Second House

If an eclipse falls in your 2nd House then financial issues would be a major point during this time. There would be ample opportunities to make money and spend it. Your outlook about finances would change a lot thanks to the eclipse falling in your 2nd house of finances.

Eclipse in the Third House

If an eclipse falls in your 3rd House then there would be troubles in the relationship with siblings or neighbours. All forms of communications you depend on like your laptop, your phone , your car,etc are likely to break down and land you in troubled waters.

Eclipse in the Fourth House

If an eclipse falls in your 4th House then family and its members come to the fore. This is a time when family related important decisions are to be made. Be prepared for the best and worst in this part of your world when the eclipse falls in your 4th house of fmaily welfare.

Eclipse in the Fifth House

If an eclipse falls in your 5th House then children play an important role in your life during this period. Also new love or romance might enter or exit your life for your well being. It is to be noted that the fifth house rules children and love affairs.

Eclipse in the Sixth House

If an eclipse falls in your 6th House then health issues might come to the fore during this time period. Also beware of accidents and injuries. You need to find a way to live healthy and accident -free.

Eclipse in the Seventh House

If an eclipse falls in your 7th House then all sorts of relationships including personal and professional come to the fore. New relationships come to your life or there could be break-ups or even divorces in this time. This is an apt time to make serious commitments in your life.

Eclipse in the Eighth House

If an eclipse falls in your 8th House then you need to face certain births and deaths in your life. It is a time when financial dealings with others shall get a beating. Debts and losses are likely to bother you when an eclipse falls in your 8th house.

Eclipse in the Ninth House

If an eclipse falls in your 9th House then there would be changes in your relationship with your father or a paternal figure. New spiritual pursuits would come your way or you would question a particular spiritual affinity.

Eclipse in the Tenth House

If an eclipse falls in your 10th House then your professional field takes the limelight. This is because the 10th house rules one's profession. There would be either major ups or downs in this area. Your social life might also change once for all.

Eclipse in the Eleventh House

If an eclipse falls in your 11th House then the gains in your life would be affected. There would be major gains or major losses in life. Also new friends come into your life and it would be an apt time to show your back to those dishonest ones.

Eclipse in the Twelth House

If an eclipse falls in your 12th House then you are in for a major breakthrough in your spiritual field. There might be an awakening of your inner self and you might go on a pilgrimage or holy dip. Solitude shall give you comfort in this time and your creativity might come to the fore.

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