In Indian Astrology terms, Saturn also called as Shani and the Moon’s North Node also called as Rahu are the rulers of disease causing microbes like Virus and bacteria. They blame the position of Saturn in Capricorn for the current epidemic. However the Sun entering the House of Aries around April 14th is likely to mitigate the spread of the virus quite considerably. Let us hope so...

Indian HoroscopeIndian Horoscope

Indian Horoscope

According to Indian Astrologers Rahu or the Moon’s Node is currently transiting the zodiac sign of Gemini which happens to be the second house of India. In general, Gemini rules over the nose, ear, mouth and throat which are the areas being affected by the corona virs. Rahu is posited in the Ascendant house of the birth chart of India. The third house usually rules over diseases related to the respiratory tract and India’s third house has Saturn and Venus posited therein. These placements are seriously points to ponder with the current onset of the Corona Virus epidemic.

The Moon or the lunar energy rules over anything that spreads through the air, and in our case the present corona virus thus comes under its ruler-ship. Thus with the moving phases of the Moon the fatality rate of those dying with this virus might wax and wane. Particularly watch out for the New Moons and Full Moons for a new months from now.

The 6th house of a chart rules over diseases and the planet Guru or Jupiter is placed in the 6th house of the horoscope of India. A host of planets in the house of Capricorn is a serious point to consider when studying the astrological implications of the corona virus. Mars ruling power and Saturn a restricting force all in the zodiac sign of Capricorn is cause for the current disturbance the seats of power across the world are going through.

The house of Capricorn is an earthy abode and its ruler is Saturn or Shani. As it receives the malefic aspects of Mars, the earth is sure going to get its due share of diseases and pestilence for quite some time now. However around the middle of the year 2020, when the planetary positions realign, we can look for some good times and abatement of the corona virus spread.

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