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Astrology Articles

Ruling planet - this is a planet that is associated more strongly with a particular sign of the Zodiac .

Rosicrucian - Rosicrucianism is a mystical belief that pursues spiritual goals largely through Occult Christian paths.

Ptolemy - A Greek philosopher who propunded the Helicentric theory.

Orbital period - This is the time taken by a planet to go once round the Sun.

Ophiuchus - the 13th zodiac.

Occult - refers to secret or mysterious doctrine which transcend our natural senses.

Music of the spheres - according to this the planets rode on giant crystal spheres which emitted a musical sound when moved.

Midheaven - An important angle in the birth chart which refers to the parent.

Magi Astrology - is a special form of astrology that has been developed by the Magi Society, which is a Chinese astrological society.

Lunation - this is the time taken by the Moon to go once round the earth and is approximately 29.5 days.