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We are living in the era of connectivity where mobile phones have become an urgent need nowadays. It's no more just a phone it has become a shopping device, a business tool, and a wallet. Our business commences on phones. We communicate, chat, and browse the internet with the help of our phones. Now we can handle most of our work with the help of our phones. 


Most people buy their phone numbers with a fixed plan which usually does not match with their birth number. To understand does your phone number empowers you, you need to do this simple trick.

Add your mobile phone number to a single digit.

For Example,

If your number is 9 7 4 6 0 1 2 3 4 5 then it 9 + 7 + 4 + 6 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 41

Single digit can be obtained by 4 + 1 = 5

5 is your single digit which should resonate with your date of birth.

How your phone number powers you?

Let’s understand what the single-digit donates, and how it powers you.

Phone number 1

This is a very beneficial number, especially for bosses and leaders. It is associated with influence, strength, ambition, and independence. This number has the energy to drive and motivation, a good phone number for most types of businesses. If you are seeking power or influence in his field, this number is for you.

Phone number 2

This number brings peace and harmony, a very good number in terms of the workplace. It is associated with sensitivity, intuition, and understanding. This number represents compromise, flexibility, cooperation, and open-mindedness. This number is not advisable for commercial purposes.

Phone number 3

Number 3 has unique, management, and ambition. It represents optimism, originality, and less conventional. This number is beneficial for the field like marketing, and salesmanship. It is also a good number for people who are writers, advisors, and teachers. This number is advisable for commercial use.

Phone number 4

This is a number of innovations, changes, and suddenness. It represents reliability, sturdiness, and responsibilities. A smart mind, people who are scientists or politicians can use this number. A risky number, that indicates secret enemies.

Phone number 5

This number represents the change and busy life. it represents impulsiveness, change, and action. A beneficial number for fields like public relations, and finance. It is a good number for businessmen, and people who like adventure.

Phone number 6

This is the best number for family-oriented people. This number has a unique vibration of family and friends. This number represents relationships, love, popularity, and luxury. It is one of the big commercial numbers. it is also a good number for people who are interested in music, arts.

Phone number 7

This is the strongest mystical number, which is called a dreamer number. It represents spirituality, philosophy, and independence. This number is best for writers, artists, research-oriented people. It is not a commercial number that also dictates unexpected changes. This number represents an analytical and logical persona, which is the best number for individuals who think outside of the box.

Phone number 8

This number is associated with drive, focus, and ambition. This number is linked with obstacles and hurdles, and difficulties, which is a good number in terms of spirituality. This number will attract wealth for you, if you work hard, suitable for people who are business. It is a good number for almost any business, and finance. If you are motivated, practical, focused on your career then this number is for you. 

Phone number 9

This number donates strength, power, position, courage, and wisdom. It represents self-sacrifice and generosity. This number is best for business owners and individuals who are involved with charities, health, and non-profit organizations.


Your mobile phone number empowers you. Each number has its powerful meaning, power, energy, and effect on your life. Don’t choose any random phone number. Select the phone number which is assigned to you after matching your exact birth date number.

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