October 10, 2010- 10/10/10

For the Chinese, the number 10 means "perfection". So, a huge number of Chinese couples and couples around the world have been planning to tie the knot on Oct 10, 2010, or 10-10-10, so that their marriage would turn successful.

The marriage registry offices worldwide is said to have seen huge online bookings for marriage certificates.

Many people view the date as auspicious because it implies perfection in life.Usually the Chinese consider even numbered months and dates as best dates and hence the date 10/10/10 becomes more significant.

Astrologically, the date 10/10/10 is a new moon day, also it would have Exalted Saturn in the 7th conj in a step stellium with Sun and Mercury and descendant. It would also place Mars in its natural classical ruler-ship in the 8th house. This implies that the dreams of the natives shall turn true for the better.

The only negative aspect here is that Venus is retrograde. Hence make sure that all your plans are checked twice before you enter into any venture be it a marriage, a love move ,etc.

The date10/10/10 is also seen as 'XXX' in Roman Numerals. 'XXX' is '666', the so-called 'Mark of the Beast', in Pythagorean Numerology.

The author thinks that this is perhaps a case of Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. It is the fear of the number 666 that originated from the Bible. It is associated with Satan or the Antichrist.

The number XXX is also linked to Porn internet domain name 'dot.xxx' which is being planned.

There seems to be nothing exceptional in the date except for the numerological pattern as was found in the previous date of 9/9/09, 8/8/08,etc which stirred similar enthusiasm among the numerological fanatics.

The date 10/10/10 shall have different results on different personalities across the globe depending upon his or her natal astrological charts.

A word of advice :

Do's : Wise use of power, unselfish motives and spontaneity needed.

Don'ts: Hesitation dishonesty, losing faith to be avoided.

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