In theology or religious studies, there is the belief in a multitude of star-gods. In this regard, astrology is related to the nature religions. Ancient men assumed that nature is inhabited and governed by magical powers, demons, and gods. Each planet and sign of the zodiac is the expression of a particular god or demon.

But astrology is also sometimes accepted by religions which know only one creator-god, like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Then the many star-gods become angels and demons which are subordinated to the one God. Astrology is thus simply astronomy, or a religious understanding of the cosmos based on exact scientific calculations.

History behind Astrology - Religion Nexus

Five thousand years ago, astrology and religion were connected. Iraq was called Sumer and a very sophisticated civilization flourished there. Sumer was the birthplace of writing and astrology witnessing this celestial order, believed it to be the manifestation of divinity. The Sumerians merged with a branch of Semites who were fervently practicing the cult of Astral Divinities with whom they felt connected while travelling though the desert. Astrology and religion were then attached. In the ancient world it was very common to see correspondence between celestial movements and happenings here on earth. That belief persists right up to our day.

Astrology - Christianity

The Bible tells that men from the east called Magi searched the night sky for signs to lead them to the new born king Jesus. They observed an astronomical event ("star at its rising") and travelled to Palestine to do homage to "the newborn king." The Bible itself states in its first chapter (Gen.1.14) that the lights in the heavens were put there as "signs" and signs exist to be interpreted. In his answer to Job, God asks him if he can "bring out the signs of the zodiac in their seasons" (Job 38.32). .Many astrological symbols were already common in some currents of Judaism and flowed quite naturally into Christianity. The largest number of astrological symbols are found in the Revelation of John. Thus, the astrologically important numbers four, seven, and twelve occur in quite central passages. Right in the first chapter, seven stars are mentioned which are represented as seven angels (Rev. 1:20). The septet of stars referred in the ancient world to the seven known planets: sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

Astrology / Religion- quotes

True religion has always pointed humanity the way, and astrology has always been on the side of the true religion, for it is a God-centred science. - John Addey

It is my thesis that astrology is a religion and has always been a religion. - Candy Hillebrand

Astrologers vary in their degree of dedication to, or disappointment with, organized religion -- as do people of all professions, practices and philosophies. - Jayj Jacobs

People who believe in astrology come to regard it as their religion because it is based on spiritual concepts. - Richard B. Vaughan

Stars vigorously influence one's life, but they are not the ultimate determination. The wise one controls his star, the ignorant reacts to it.-Saint-Thomas of Acquinis, theologist

The stars are the first cause of our actions, but we have the free will to triumph over them if it is well directed. The poet-theologist, Dante

Islam and Astrology

We find that in the Holy Quran, in several verses, Almighty has asked and encouraged mankind to look into and ponder over the objects of his creation, including the heaven, the stars and the Moon, in orders the understand his signs and thereby his supreme might, glory and greatness. "And the Sun runneth on unto a resting place for him .That is the measuring of the mighty, the wise. And for the Moon, we have appointed mansions till she returns like an old shrivelled palm leaf. It is not for the sun to overtake the Moon, nor doth the nights outstrips the day. They float each in an orbit." (Surah X X X VI. verse 38,39,and 40). At another place Allah says, "He is who appointed the Sun a splendor and the Moon a light and measured for her stages that he might know the number of the years, and the reckoning.

Buddhism- Astrology

Lord Buddha's doctrines of karma and rebirth, flowed not only into the general theosophical teaching but also into esoteric astrology. The doctrine of karma and rebirth means that a person's character and his experiences are determined by the sum of his deeds in past lives. The horoscope thus informs the astrologer about this karma or about the character and the resulting tasks in life. "Karmic horoscope analysis," which operates with special methods and which is offered today by some astrologers has its roots in the beliefs of Buddhism.

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