Did you know that financial astrology was applied by the great celebrity Walt Disney to pick the best times for launching his multi-million-dollar entertainment projects. The legendary stock and commodities trader W. D. Gann put astrological principles to work when he made astonishingly accurate market forecasts. Billionaire J. P. Morgan consulted with astrologer Evangeline Adams in timing some of his most important business and investment moves.

Euro- Astrological Linkage

The Euro was born on a very weak astrological day. When the Euro was first created at midnight of New Year's eve in 1999, Saturn made two Turbulent Angles to two Financial Planets, resulting in two Saturn Clash Aspects. The Euro was born during a Saturn-Chiron Clash and a Saturn-Venus Clash. Saturn-Chiron Clash means heartbreak. The Saturn-Venus Clash symbolizes loss (Saturn) of money (Venus). Even worse, both of these Clashes are formed by two planets that are moving in direct motion, thus both Turbulent Aspects are Double-Direct. This indicates that Euro was very weak when compared to Dollar in the initial periods.

Astrology and Market Forecasting

Planetary forces exert their influences collectively on investors, which in turn causes the market to go up or down. The phases of the Moon in particular seems to have a powerful effect on mass mood and emotions. It has been observed that the market often reverses trend on the days before or following a full Moon.

Financial analysts have recognized that business and commerce regularly go through predictable cycles. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle of 19.86 years coincides with the change of market emphasis about every 20 years. The Jupiter-Uranus cycle, which lasts 13.81 years, has been correlated with a changes of methodologies employed by market analysts and investors. The Saturn-Uranus cycle of 45 years coincides with periods of business boom or bust.

Electional Astrology for Financial Deals

Lending Money- One should not lend money on days ruled by Krittika, Makha, Moola, Satabisha, Uttarara, Punarvasu and ones birth Nakshtra. Tuesdays and Fridays are also inauspicious. Never lend money on a New Moon day happening to be a Saturday. Moon in Scorpio is also bad for the lender.

Borrowing Money- do not borrow money on days ruled by Kritikka, Moola, Punarvasu, Dhanishta and ones birth Nakshatra. Moon's conjunction with Mars and Saturn should be avoided there would be quarrels and litigation. The Moon should be in good aspect tot he ascendant.

Recovering Money- The Lord of the Ascendant should be strong and the rising sing should not fall in the 8th or the 9th from the radical rising sign. The Lords of Ascendant and the 2nd house should be well-placed.

Did you know that ....

The Lord of 10th in 9th termed as "Kshetra simhasan yoga" makes a man great and rich. Also if 3rd house occupies the 8th house and is under the aspect, conjunction of natural malefics like lords of 6th and 12th houses and is devoid of any influence, association or aspect of natural benefic planets, the configuration constitutes "Vipreet Raj Yoga" which confers extra ordinary riches on the native.

Yogas for Richness

Any two of the following seven houses, Ascendant, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th, related to one another either by combination, aspect or exchange of places, may confer wealth on the native.

These are the other combinations:

1. The lords of Ascendant and 2nd house.

2. Lagna lord and 11th house lords.

3. The lords of 2nd and 11th houses.

4. The lords of 9th and 11th houses.

5. The lords of 10th and 11th houses.

6. The lords of 5th and 11th houses.

7. The lords of 2nd and 9th houses.

Planetary Retrogrades- Financial Market trends

The recurring pattern of planetary retrogrades has been used by investors to gain advantage. Mercury retrogrades have been used to time T-bonds and the S&P 500 index. When Mercury goes retrograde, T-bonds and the S&P 500 make a low. Mars retrogrades have been known to affect the Dow Jones Industrial Average similarly. Financial astrologers predict solar eclipses often coincide with major trend changes in the market.

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