The Basics Electional astrology is a branch of astrology which helps one to find the right time to do something important in life like getting married, getting into a new job, birth of a child,etc. Electional astrology enables one to elect the time that is right for an individual and in harmony with his/her birth chart.

It determines the planetary configuration that is best suited for undertaking important tasks. The techniques used for Horary astrology apply to Electional astrology as well. More importance is given to the position of the Moon and the Ascendant in Electional Astrology. The Ascendant needs to be strong and the waxing period of the Moon needs to be taken.

Electional Astrology in daily life

Marriage related elections: Engagement, solemnizing of marriage rituals, first entry into husband's house, first sexual union, remarriage, divorces, matching of horoscopes / compatibility in marriage.

Education related elections: Start of education, taking exams, etc.

Agriculture elections: Sowing seeds, tilling, crop gathering, new grains, entering into field, harvesting, irrigation, land, sale-purchase, manufacture, agricultural products, ploughing, seed storing, storing agricultural products, water storing, gardening.

Female based elections: first breast feeding , wearing of new clothes and ornaments, stitching of new clothes, cradling of child, signification of start of puberty, bath after menstruation, first wearing of bangles, piercing of ears and nose.

Travel related elections: Beneficial time to start travel, return from journey.

Religious elections: Religious discourses, idol installation, idol making, initiation of Mantras, worship of fire.

House related elections: Start of digging, foundation laying, start of construction, fixing of main door, entering into house, repair / white washing, house-warming.

Medical related elections: Preparation of medicines, administration of medicines, bath after recovery, surgery, treatment, delivery of baby, etc.

Finance related elections: collection, money borrowing, money lending, opening of shop/business, property division, shop opening, making a will, manufacture of different items, etc.

Government matters: Coronation, wearing of crown, oath by head of state, oath taking by ministers, filing nomination paper for elections, joining a service, making war, making a treaty, litigation, etc.

History of Electional Astrology

Electional Astrology is as old as astrology itself. The ancient Hebrew Astrologers were the ones who first framed the rules of Electional Astrology. They found out that by analysing the planetary aspects of any day certain tasks can be done. The Old Testament of the Bible has reference to Electional Astrology.

To quote "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven ... A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace" (Ecclesiastes 3:1 and 3:8).

Electional Astrology for the Week

Sunday: Coronation, worship, fire related works, weapon making , war, service & employment, travel, transaction of medicine, purchase of cows, bullocks & animals, gold-silver-copper-wood-works, auspicious works, religious discourse, music learning, wearing of new clothes, trade.

Monday: Agriculture, farming, gardening, ornament making & wearing, sale & purchase of cows - buffaloes, gems-pearl & shells, singing & dancing, water related works, movable works, starting of education, female related works.

Tuesday: Killing, arresting, inciting insurgency, cruel works, piercing, army commanding, treaty, backing off agreements, igniting fire, gold related works & collection, metal work, works related to blood.

Wednesday: Fine arts, literature-music- dancing; all type of art, theater, education, writing, meritorious works, marriage, friendship, starting of fast, holy bathing, trade, clever works, ordinary works, metal work, war, argument, physical exercise, collection of articles.

Thursday: Auspicious works, religious works, fast, oblation to the dead, installing of idol, education, knowledge related works, wearing new clothes, starting living in house, trading in medicine, physical works, health related works, development & expanding works, transport, travel.

Friday: Good for starting dance, music, singing painting, luxurious works, wearing new clothes & ornaments, friendship, sex, passion, trade related to food grain & agriculture, farming, selling & purchase of land.

Saturday: Entering into new house, trading with deceit & forgery, dreadful deeds, insurgency, works related to obstruction, trading of arms & ammunition, poisoning, usage of iron & steel, trapping of elephant, stable works, profession related to capturing, collection of houses, learning secret Mantras

Marriage rules for Electional Astrology

1.There should be no squares from the Moon and it should not be void of course. A waxing Moon is better than a waning one.

2. Fixed signs rising are best when a long lasting relationship is needed.

3. A relationship usually works well when the ruler of the Ascendant and Descendant are in good aspect to each other.

4. The luminaries Sun and Moon should be in good aspect to each other.

5. Saturn should not be in an angular house.

6. Uranus should not be in the angular houses, especially the 1st and 7th.

7. The luminaries Sun and Moon, as well as Venus and Jupiter should be above the horizon.

8. Venus ruling female and Mars ruling male should be in harmonious aspect to each other.

9. Moon in Leo brings about better compatibility among the duo involved.

10. A retrograde Venus should be avoided at all costs.

The houses in Electional Astrology

1st house- person making the electional chart, the one who is to do the task.

2nd house- money and possessions.

3rd house- brothers and sisters, cousins, neighbors, short journeys, communications.

4th house-real estate, house, father, property, fixed possessions, the final result of an undertaking.

5th house- children, love affairs, holidays, places of amusement, investment and speculation.

6th house- health problems, servants, employees, pets , food and clothing, uncles and aunts on the father's side, tenants.

7th house- the husband or wife, Defendants in lawsuits, the opponent in contests, business partners, contracts, business speculations, public and open enemies.

8th house- death, wills, inheritances, money of the husband/wife or partner; help received by opponents.

9th house- religion, science, philosophy, the Church and the law, long journeys and voyages, publications and publishing.

10th house- honor, credit, fame, authority, business and occupation, mother.

11th house- friends, acquaintances, hopes, desires and wishes.

12th house- prison, mental hospitals, confinement, limitation, persecution, treachery, secret enemies.

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