The powerful alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth that occur at the time of an eclipse increase the energy reaching the earth from the outer atmosphere. This energy enters the field of the earth at a particular zodiac degree, depending on the celestial location of the eclipse.

If these sensitive degrees appear at important positions in ones' birth chart, then there would be marked changes in his/her life. Ancient astrologers tended to view eclipses as negative events, since they often brought changes that upset the existing order of things. But Modern astrologers believe that eclipses bring about a change and also signal opportunities for growth.

Eclipses in the houses ( of your natal chart)

Resultant Action
Pay attention to your personal presentation, physical body.
Make a job change, develop a new income-producing skill.
Make changes in relationships with siblings or neighbors.
Move or make changes to your residence.
Develop your creative self-expression through arts.
Make logistical changes, improve your health.
You may choose to begin or end a partnership at this time.
change the way you handle money , re-evaluate investments
You may be focused on foreign countries.
You could receive public recognition, changes in career.
You may experience a shake-up in your circle of friends.
You may want to develop you spiritual or artistic capacities.

Myths behind Eclipses

The people of many cultures from all parts of the world have developed various myths and legends about eclipses. Many believe that an eclipse is an omen of some natural disaster or the death or downfall of a ruler. Another pervasive myth involves an invisible dragon or other demon which devours the Sun during an eclipse.

The Chinese produce great noise and commotion to frighten away the dragon and restore daylight. In India people may immerse themselves in water up to their necks, believing this act of worship will help the Sun and Moon defend themselves against the dragon. In Japan, the custom is to cover wells during an eclipse to prevent poison from dropping into them from the darkened sky.

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