Venus and Music

Artistic pursuits like music and allied fields are ruled by the planet Venus.

Ruler of Sign: Taurus and Libra

Ruler of House: 2nd and 7th

Exalted in: Pisces

In Detriment in: Aries and Scorpio

In Fall in: Virgo

Music of the Spheres Pythagoras, an early Greek mathematician and astronomer was the first to discover a mathematical relationship in the frequencies of the various tones of the musical scale. In postulating the planets' orbits as bearing a similar relationship based upon the distance from the centre, he characterized their interrelated orbits as "the harmony of the spheres." It was the Greek philosophers who had the idea of the "Music of the Spheres"; that planets must have a sound or hum as they floated in space. At this time, only seven planets were known: Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Interestingly, western music evolved with seven-tone scales. Music and astrology come together in this suite dedicated to the seven planets.

The Planets and Music


The Bringer of War - The music begins vigorously with strings and percussion sounding a rhythmic sequence in 5/4, forming an obstinate that gives the section its merciless pace.


The Bringer of Peace - The music has no brass other than French horns which allows the lush strings to dominate. Peaceful melodies lead to a romantic interlude with harps and celesta that fades to an ethereal ending.


The Winged Messenger - Mercury abounds in poly-rhythms; some instruments playing in 6/8 while others are in 2/4.


The Bringer of Jollity - Beginning with a spirited tune against swiftly moving strings and woodwinds, the movement quickly brings forth several celebratory themes.


Bringer of Old Age - The inevitable procession leads to a broad climax with clanging bells that suggests a ringing clock or a church chime.

The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are more attuned to the infinity of space. Their vibrations correspond to the deep, low-pitched bass notes of an organ that permeate and form a foundation for a musical composition.

The Astrological Rulership of Music Notes

Aries - C

Taurus - C sharp/D flat

Gemini - D

Cancer - D sharp/E flat

Leo - E

Virgo - F

Libra - F sharp/G flat

Scorpio - G

Sagittarius - G sharp/A flat

Capricorn - A

Aquarius - A sharp/B flat

Pisces – B

Musicians and Astrology

Bob- Marley

Profession - Musician

Date of Birth - February 6, 1945

Place of Birth -St Ann's Bay, Jamaica

Chinese Sign - Monkey

Sun sign- Aquarius

Avril Lavigne

Profession - Musician

Date of Birth - 31 January 1981

Place of Birth - Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Chinese Sign - Monkey

Sun sign- Aquarius

Justin Timberlake

Profession - Musician

Date of Birth - 31 January 1981

Place of Birth - Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Chinese Sign - Monkey

Sun sign- Aquarius

Kurt Cobain

Profession - Musician

Date of Birth - February 20, 1967

Place of Birth - Aberdeen

Chinese Sign - Goat

Sun sign- Pisces

Kurt Cobain

Profession - Musician

Date of Birth - April 10, 1984

Place of Birth - Nashua, New Hampshire

Chinese Sign - Mouse

Sun sign- Aries

Music And Astrology - the Real Connections

The Universe is made of the basic natural elements like wind, water, land, air, heat. Music is sound-based and rhythm oriented. Sound emanates from a fusion of two elements wind and heat. The common factor between astrology and music is that they trace their origins to the basic elements.

Astrology and music also interface in the measurement of time. Astrology divides the sky into twelve zodiac signs. Carnatic music has also twelve swaras (notes). The sun and the moon always move at a constant speed. Hence, their zodiac signs denote steadfast levels. Similarly, only two swaras, Shadja and Panchama, are at constant sruti levels.

Mesha (Aries)
Chatusruti Daivata
Vrishaba (Taurus)
Kaisika Nishada
Mithuna (Gemini)
Kakali Nishada
Kataka (Cancer)
Simha (Leo)
Kanya (Virgo)
Suddha Rishabha
Tula (Libra)
Chatusruti Rishabha
Vrischika (Scorpio)
Sadharana Gandhara
Dhanus (Sagittarius)
Antara Gandhara
Makara (Capricorn)
Suddha Madhyama
Kumbha (Aquarius)
Prati Madhyama
Meena (Pisces)
Suddha Daivata

Kuja (Mars)
Sadharana Gandhara, Chatusruti Daivata
Budha (Mercury)
Suddha Rishabha, Kakali Nishada
Guru (Jupiter)
Antara Gandhara, Suddha Daivata
Sukra (Venus)
Chatusruti Rishabha, Kaisika Nishada
Sani (Saturn)
Suddha Madhyama and Prati Madhyama

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