Astrology and Business

"Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire, you need an astrologer" −J. P. Morgan, Founder of the Morgan Bank.

Astrology helps to predict the outcome of a business. It helps to arrive at the potentiality of a business,prospects of new ventures, losses, competitions in business, employee relationships, etc.

A natal chart for your business or company helps you to understand the changing cycles of your business.

You would be equipped with foreknowledge of market shifts,employee changes, incoming opportunities, and potential hardships.

Relocation astrology helps businesses to get the most out of geographical locations. Companies use it to expand or relocate their business, choose manufacturers & distributors, and to choose the best location for trade show participation.It is used to help employees when relocating to other divisions within the company.

Relationship compatibility astrology to improve communications between employees, assess talents and challenges of people and businesses, look at distributor/manufacturer relationships, and understand the changing cycles that are affecting current relationships. Relationship astrology leads to improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

Business astrology helps in the following:

1. Based on the horoscope of the individual, the astrologer can determine what product will bring success to his business.

2. In regard to the name of the business, the astrologer can verify that the relationship between the sun sign/moon sign of the business' first letter and the sun sign/moon sign of the businessman is complimentary. If the signs clash, the business will collapse. In order to have harmony between the business and the businessman, the first letters of the two should be friendly.

3. The numerological total of a particular business' name should be in harmony with the numerological total of the business owner's name. Numerology is extremely important in determining the success of any business.

4. After a business name has been selected, one must look for the perfect location, a harmonious business address, bank, checking account number and telephone number.

5. Astrology helps to discern an auspicious date and time for starting the business.

In business astrology helps to answer the following queries..

Will my career be successful?

Will I be successful in business?

Will my business prosper?

When can I start a new business?

Will I get a good profit?

When will I start a new venture?

Which profession/business would be ideal for me?

Can I continue with my present career/business?

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