The Age of Aquarius means the end of the age of Pisces and the beginning of another.

Many feel the Age of Aquarius heralds the coming of the "end of times" as written in the Bible, others feel it is the dawning of the "new world order".

Whatever it means it is still mysterious, and opinions differ widely in the Astrology community.

The Age of Aquarius is one of 12 successive 2150-year periods, each of which corresponds with one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Age of Aquarius
In the same manner in which individuals born at different times of the year are thought to be dominated by different astrological signs, astrologers also tend to view different historical periods as being dominated by the influence of particular signs. For the past several thousand years, Earth, according to this view, has been passing through a period dominated by the sign Pisces (the Age of Pisces). This succession of ages is based on a phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes.

Due to the precession of equinoxes, the spring equinox moves slowly backward through the constellations of the Zodiac, so that approximately every 2000 years the equinox begins taking place in an earlier constellation. Thus, the spring equinox has been occurring in Pisces for the past several thousand years and will begin to occur in the constellation Aquarius in the near future. This is the background for current speculations about the so-called Age of Aquarius.

Because of the space between different constellations, it is difficult if not impossible to determine precisely when one age ends and another one begins.A popular date for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius is the year 2000.

In the New Age we break free of centuries of false doctrines, destructive indoctrinations, absurd ideas, and children's stories about God, education, medicine, and love. In the Age of Aquarius, we break from the past to invent the future we desire in our society and in our person.

During the patriarchal era of Pisces, the female aspect was suppressed and repressed. Now society will come to terms with divinity of both masculine and feminine aspects, of Mother Earth and Father Sky, of yin and yang, and of the synthesis of energies for a more balanced world view.

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