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Pisces- Libra Compatibility

Although Libra is affectionate and Pisces of a different nature, yet there can be an affinity because both appreciate beauty, entertainment, arts, harmony, love, affection, gentleness and the magic of romance. Libra will help Pisces in moments of confusion, indecision and to be impartial. Both signs prefer to shut their eyes to anything awful and when reality becomes too ugly or unpleasant, they block it out. One thing's for sure-if they live together, their abode will abound with objects.
Pisces-Libra Compatibility
Because they belong to the water element, friendly fish can be clingy. Libra-Pisces CompatibilityLibrans will love that, but in the aftermath of amour, they like to be left alone.They'll have a quick cuddle with their partner in passion, but after that they like to lie on their backs and fall fast asleep. If the fish turns on the tears, their libran can feel hemmed in and shackled by sex and that's the last thing this lot like. But if this couple can come to a compromise, they'll be a terrifically tender twosome.

Pisces Man & Libra Woman Compatibility
Pisces Woman & Libra Man Compatibility

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