There would not be much compatibility when a Libra man and a Pisces woman are involved in a relationship. Initially everything would be fine but with time there would be strains visible here and there in this combination. Both are very passionate and romantic and this might bind them together for good. However their differences overtake this.
However if the duo are ready to make some amends then there would be bliss with this combination in a marriage or relationship. The Pisces female would be totally lost in a dreamy world that the Libra guy has to manage the household works. At-least one among this duo should be grounded for the relationship to be strong. Both love a peaceful and happy atmosphere and make sure that the world around them is rosy too.

Libra Man-Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Libra-Pisces Couples

• Christopher and Dana Reeve

• Paul Simon and Edie Brickell

Compatibility for Romance

There would be a good amount of romance and passion involved here and there would be much compatibility too in these areas.

As both are romantic signs there would be no dearth for the same. The Pisces girl just yearns for love and romance and the Libra guy would be more than willing to fulfill her romantic needs. Even if his intentions are not pure the Libra man would put up a fancy show for her girl.

Compatibility for Friendship

A Libra man and a Pisces woman make good friends in life. Both of them live in a fantasy world and hence the comradeship that exists here would be very pure and compatible. Together they enjoy the good things in life and give importance to the little things around them.

Compatibility for Marriage

The pair share a compatible married life together. They make their home special and work together to put up a good picture for those around to see. The Libra man would take the reigns of the house and make it a home-sweet home. Children are usually not favored in this relationship as they feel that they might jeopardize the harmony that prevails between them. They love the good things in life like art. music and the like.

Compatibility for Sex

A Libra male and a Pisces female have a compatible affair when sex is involved. Pisces provides the fantasy for the act while the Libra guy gives a sense of security for the relationship. They love to have sex in just the right time, the right place and the atmosphere must be soothing and convincing for both.

The End game

If at all the relationship should the Libra guy should take the initiative. The Pisces would be an indecisive character to hold account of just anything in life. But the end would be very emotional and heart-breaking for both. The Libra guy makes sure that he makes life comfortable for the Pisces girl even after the split and also promises that he would be there for her when she needs him the most. Rating 9/10