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Leo-Cancer Compatibility

In spite of their different natures, there will be a strong bond between the Leo and the Cancer. Cancer will often have to give way to the dominant Leo but Leo has a quality which makes Cancer's moon shine more brightly. A leo needs appreciation and attention which Cancer is happy to give.A crab and a lion can get on like a house on fire and because they're so close to each other in the heavens, they may find that a little of each sign spillls into the other's.Things are best of all, though, when a loving Leo meets a captivating crab.They've got so much in common, it's charming.

Leo-Cancer Compatibility

Leo lads love to love, which is great when they meet a Cancer, because she just wants to be loved. And sexually, too, life could be lovely. They're bound to awaken a ravishingly romantic response in each other. What will really make them both happy is that the fidelity factor will be fantastic, because Leo is a fixed and therefore faithful sign.

Cancerians like to be dominated and who better can do that than a strong-hearted lion.The Cancer mother likes to cook, clean and care for the kids and be a very contented crab indeed. Lions love to have their cubs around them and this couple could surround themselves with lots of little smiling faces.This family will be a joy to behold.

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