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Aquarius-Leo Compatibility

These signs are opposite to each other.There can be a strong initial attraction, which sometimes is transformed into equally strong opposition.Both have fixed opinions, strong determination and mind, so without compromise, there will be a clash of wills. .Leo will not understand why Aquarius should be so unpredictable, detached and elusive and at the most unexpected times.These two get on great, but what else would you expect when Aquarius,the sign of friendships, meets Leo,the sign of love? It's just got to be sunshine and smiles all the way.

Aquarius-Leo Compatibility

Those acrobatically Airy Aquarians adore leos for their lusciously loving largesse.They feel all warm and wonderful when they're with them and,in return, the laughing lion will be all agog to know what their Aquarian pal is going to do next.They find their unpredictability forever fascinating and endlessly endearing.Once love has blossomed though, Leos can change their royal minds. Although they're both fixed funsters,they demonstrate it in different ways and Leos long for a lasting love.

Sexually,it could prove problematic if the warmhearted lion is thrown into a complete quandary by the erratic emotions of their Aquarians armor. If the Leo's pride is pricked or their hopes of nightly nookie are smashed to smithereens, that regal ego could start to inflate.Then this captivating couple start waging out-and-out war to see which side gets supremacy.

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