2012 Pisces Horoscope | Pisces 2012 Horoscope

2012 Horoscope - Pisces


Year 2012 seems to be a calm and peaceful year for you much deviating from the hustle and bustle of the previous few years in your life. Involve yourself whole heartedly into any task which you undertake and ensure it continues and ends on a positive note. There would be much freedom for your thoughts, ideas and ideals in life this year. Time is on your side and hence do not compromise on quality and quantity of work done this period.


You would be blessed with much peace and pleasure this year in your work place. But make sure that your tasks are on the right track. Certain unfinished tasks should be taken to the foreground and worked head on. You shall get the goodwill of your authorities in profession. Take any challenges that comes in your career field. Work positively with determination and grit. Do not doubt your inner self and energy levels. Luck is on your side this year.


Expansion of your financial status is on the cards this year. Reinforce your ideals in this area of life. The first quarter of the year shall see some rewards for professional efforts. Do not yield to temptations for high value purchases that come in the middle of the year. Of course, you can pursue them later on. Now is not the time for it. Speculative deals might meet with impediments. You might gain some finances through inheritance or goodwill. Be sure that you are financially strong during the end of the year as it might bring in some unwanted expenses from the home front.


You would become more softer and calmer as far as relationships are concerned this year. But you need to radiate your positive energy too. Do not rely on any transitory partners or friends. They might desert you in times of need. Your desires and passions would be on the rise in the first quarter of the year. Those single shall end up tying the knot or settling down with a partner. You are likely to have moments of unhappiness in relationships as well. But channel your emotions into positive notes for your goodness.


Do understand what your body really needs and do not yield to any unwanted temptations. It is by your sheer control and will power that good health is predicted for you. There would be a tendency to neglect your general health but beware. The last quarter of the year shall see some high energy deals for you. Make sure that your health and weight remain stable without much oscillations throughout the whole year. Generally a hale and hearty year for Pisceans in this 2012.

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