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The importance of the directions of the North and the South lies in the flow of magnetic waves which flows from North Pole to South Pole. Therefore southward portion of every building should be higher than the northward portion. Missing corners can be corrected by having a rectangular-or square-shaped site or by recreating the missing corners inside the shop with regard to the specific direction and type of energy. Placing a water feature or urn of water with flowers at the northeast sector of the gate will alleviate the ill effect when a portion of the north and east segments are missing.

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Placing tulsi plants at the northeast sector of the apartment can transform any bad energy into positive and good energy. Likewise jasmine plants can bring in a flow of good energy with a wisp of its fragrance.Prosperity of a shop depends on factors like internal arrangements; placement of furniture and facing directions of employee etc.Generally the owner of the shop or the salesman should sit in such a way that they face east or north direction as facing to south or west causes problems.

The cash counter should be placed in such a way that if it is near the south wall, it should open towards the north or if it is in the west wall it should open towards the east. The main power meter, switch board etc., should be at southeast corner. There should be no cross beams in the shops.

dols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi for that matter any idol of god should not be kept at the corners of the shop. The owner who sits in the southwest corner is advised to have the Gods photo either in the northeast side or in the east of northern side walls. West wall in the northwest is also ideal for the photos. Heavy items can be

kept at the south west side of the shop. When there are two or more shutters in a shop facing the western side, the shutter in the North West side can be kept open whereas the southwest shutter should be kept closed. The southwest shutter can be kept open provided that the owner or his men opens the northwest shutter and enter the shop through it and only then open the southwest shutter.

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