Effects of street focus in Vastu

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In Vasthu, any street focus on a plot actually distrubs the bio–electric magnetic field in and around the plot to a great extent, either by amplyfying the imbalance in energy dynamics or by attenuating the positive energies.

The street that runs and focuses on to any side of a plot is called a 'spearing street'.  This is also referred to as 'therukuthu' in Southern states and 'veedhi shula' in the 'Northern states.

People are generally scared of this particular phenomenon.  The figure shown gives eight directions of street/road focuses on a plot.  All the different types of street focus or 'spearing streets' do not necessarily render bad effects as generally believed.

Out of 12 possible street focuses on a plot, four street focuses on the central portion of any side of a plot are neutral, four are harmful and four are good.  The 'veedhi shula' or street focus, is perhaps, the most powerful of all Vaasthu parameters, especially in fortifying the good/bad powers of Vaasthu.  Several case studies reveal that in both the good and bad 'veedhi shulas', the Vaasthu effects are excessively pronounced.  Some of the Vaasthu properties of different street focuses are summarised in the following table:

Street focus/directions
Good or bad
Nature of effects
North of Northeast( N / NE )
Very good
Good for women and also for business activities.Can ensure wealth and prosperity for residents.
East of Northeast( E / NE )
Very good
Very good for men.Will ensure upward mobility in life.Preferred for newspaper offices/presses/photo studios/media industries and residences.
South of Southeast( S / SE )
Will give peace and happiness.Good for women.Can ensure reasonable financial status for the inmates.
East of Southeast( E / SE )
Will increase expenses.Can make the inmates greedy.Accidents can occur.Ligitation and government punishments/actions can be initiated.
North of Northwest( N / NW )
Promoters indiscipline.Can promote nefarious or unlawful activities.General instability is noted.
West of Northwest( W / NW )
Good for men.Will promote owner's business / profession.Can improve attitude and behaviour.
South of Southwest( S / SW )
Very bad
Affects wealth / finance.Indication of accidents, bad habits for inmates, especially women.Can mean trouble in all spheres for inmates.
West of Southwest( W / SW )
Very bad
Will affect the happiness of all inmates, especially the men.Constant quarrels, problems and scarcity of money are observed in addition to litigation.

Therefore while selecting the plot, one should consider carefully, the magnetic direction in which a road, lane or street is focussed on to the plot.As can be understood from the table, one can choose plots which have the following street focuses :

a) North of Northeast
Most preferred
b) East of Northeast
Most preferred
c) South of Southeast
d) West of Northwest

In 'veethi shulas' we have considered only single approach roads.But practically, we may have plots with streets or roads on two sides or all four sides.In Vaasthu, plots with adjascent roads in the North and West sides promote the owner's prosperity.A site with roads on three sides is preferred and has some unique advantages, while a plot with roads on all foursides.is considered to be the most auspicious.The Vaasthu effects for various locations of roads in different directions adjascent to a plot are tabulated below :

Adjacent Roads
Effects of Vaasthu
North & East
All – round prosperity
North & West
Prosperity and achievement
South & East
Suitable only for certain purposes, provided entry is in the East.Good for women, organisations and restaurants.
South & West
Average good effects
South & North
Very good if the entry is in the North
North, East & West
Progress and prosperity
East, North & South
Promotion in life
South, West & East
Good for trading and business
West, North & South
Growth and expansion
All four directions( NEWS )
Very good

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