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Studying a building plan from Vasthu point of view requires tremendous knowledge in vastu.Moreover it also requires the ability to accomodate the requirements of the builderand at the same time the parameters set forth by the principles of Vasthu.This requires loads of experience in analysing and providing pragmatic solutions.Our experts are highly knowledgeable , experienced and are capable of giving the most effective solutions to issues relating to vasthu. In order to avail the expert advice service.

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Buying a new house ? Buidling a new home?? Leasing a new premise???

Consult our Vastu Experts and watch your fortune change for the better. Get an online remedy for problems like lack of wealth/prosperity, poor health, marital problems, lack of progress in business, no career promotions, no progeny etc. Our Vastu consultants will suggest simple solutions based on the principles of the ancient science of Vastu Shastra.

Buying land for business? Constructing a new office?? Altering your office???

Our Vastu consultants shall guide you with simple Vastu rules so that your business shall prosper well. Take off losses or mounting loans from your mind.

You can consult our dedicated team of Vastu experts for a complete analysis of your house/office to identify certain faults, and for the remedial measures to cure those faults.If you propose to construct a new house/commercial building you can consult them to know whether your house/building will confirm with the laws of Vastu for your betterment in future.

What is Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient architectural science which lays down certain astrological rules and regulations about the direction, construction, designing and decoration of a house/building for the overall prosperity and benefit of the occupants.

Vastu Shastra considers the astrological location of the Sun, the Earth, and other planets towards any building, be it residential or commercial. It guides us as to where and how the building site should be located, the shape of the site, the shape of the building, the direction the building faces, the location of gates, doors, windows, and the building's general design as a whole.

Vastu also takes into consideration other personal factors like the profession, age, marital status, children etc. of the occupants. A house is divided into various sections, each one representing an aspect of life-marriage, sex, children, career etc. A Vastu Astrologer should be consulted before buying/constructing a new house, moving into a new house, or renovating/making necessary changes in the existing house,setting of a new business premise/factory/office/shop, etc because improper construction or situation of the house/commercial structure can totally change one's future for better or worse.

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