Islam Festivals

Islam the youngest of all the three monotheistic religions and is followed by nearly 1/5th of the universal population. In Arabic Islam means "submission of one's will" to the only true god worthy of worship "Allah" and anyone who does so is a Muslim. Submission to Allah is necessarily with heart, soul and death.Islam also implies "peace' which is the natural consequence of Allah.


The Muharram is a festival of mourning which is observed in the first month of Hijri year and asts for ten days and the first month begins the day the first crescent of a new moon is seen. It is generally celebrated to honor the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Holy Prophet. During Muharam Muslims observes fast, offer prayers, recite fatihas and sing elegies in homage to the martyrs during the celebrations. On the final day Tajias are taken out in grand processions accompanied by brass bands and playing of bagpipes and also bamboo replicas of the tomb of Hazrat Imam Hussain and his people are taken out in the streets. The Tajia procession makes periodic halts and different groups perform acrobatics and enact the battle scenes of Karbala where Imam Hussain, along with his family and followers where surrounded and attacked by soldiers of Yazid, a Muslim ruler. Thus from then on Muharram is observed to commemorate Imam Hussain.Muharam is in fact a sort of ceremony showing gratitude to the departed souls who fought so bravely for preserving their faith. The inherent moral in this festival is that one should never forget those who sacrificed their life for the good of all and who held their faith dearer than their own lives.


It is believed that God conveyed the message of Koran to Hazrat Mohammad through Gabriel in the days of Ramzan. Since the muslim calendar called the Hijri is not synchronized with the English calendar, the month of Ramzan keeps on occurring at different dates. But generally Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar Year, a month when the "Holy Koran or Quran" was revealed up from heaven by Allah for human beings in 615 AD, as a guidance and declaration. All through this month the devout Muslims keep strict fast during the day. Before sun rise only after sun set the devouts Partake of any food. For the early morning meal, known as Sehri generally cooked in milk are preferred and tea or water drunk. On hearing the call for prayer, men and children set off the nearest mosque and the women set at home. At the time of Ramadan Muslims usually go to the Masjid and spend hours studying the Quran and recite a special prayer called the Taraweeh (Night Prayer) in addition to the 5 daily prayers. You can also see small groups of people either children or women going around and asking for alms and it is also customary for every muslim to give alms in the month of Ramzan. You can do charity either as sadaquat-ul-fitr which is where the rich give food to the poor and zakat-ul-mal where they give one third to one tenth of the value of their property like gold, silver, flocks or grain. If the new moon appears after 29 days there is another day of fasting to make it exactly 30 days. The sighting of the new moon brings the glad tidings of Eid�ul-Fitr and that's the end of the month of Ramadan.

Eid ul Fitr

'Eid ul Fitr means the joy at the end of the days of fasting and is celebrated on the first day of Shawwal the tenth month of the Islamic calendar, following the month of Ramadhan. Eid Ul Fitar or the festival of fast breaking is the biggest Muslim festival. All Muslims put on their best clothes and assemble in mosques, Eidgahs or in some open space and line up for prayer and is recited between the early morning and noon prayers. There are special dishes prepared for Eid.Particularly "Sevviyan" and "Sheer korma" cooked in milk with raisins and nuts is also invariably prepared. The festival is significant as much for its timing as for its religious implications.

Eid UL Adha

This festival of sacrifice is also known as Bakr- Eid starts after Hajj and during which domestic animals like goat (Bakr- Eid), sheep, cow, and camel etc.are sacrificed. It is usually celebrated on the tenth day of Duhl �Hijja during which Muslims were new clothes be very enthusiastic. They get up early in the morning and recite prayers and starts the day with the special breakfast of Sheer Korma. After the breakfast the animal is slaughtered and the meat is distributed among friends, family and the poor people and spends the time with their ones with happiness and love. On this occasion muslims who can, go on pilgrimage to Mecca which is called as Haj.The poor, needy and sick are given money, clothes etc, in charity on this day.

Milad UL Nabi

The festival of milad-ul-nabi or "Bara Warafat"is celebrated with �clat and enthusiasm by the Muslims all over the world. It commemorates the birthday of Hazrat Mohammad and it falls on the twelfth day of Rabi-ul-awwal month. On the day of Milad, the Prophets teachings are repeated, the holy Koran is read and recited and religious meetings are organized in the mosque. The devotees keep night vigil and spend their time in namaz and reading Koran. They invite friends and relatives to feast.

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