Poojas as Astrological remedies

Pooja can be considered as a sacred act of high esteem to God through acknowledgement, prayers and by performing rituals. The planetary movements decide the human life and hence when poojas are performed it mitigates the negative influences. Pooja is a way through which we seek the blessings of God and it also helps in warding off the evil influences of the malefic planets in our natal charts. Our ancient Vedic scriptures on astrology and great sages and saints have suggested many poojas as astrological remedies for various problems.

Poojas are considered to be more auspicious than any other astrological remedies because they are said to produce more positive effects and influence a person's life for betterment.Poojas when performed the right way or with the aid of a qualified pundit is said to be very effective. There are lot of specific poojas and havens for various Gods and Goddesses which is very clearly prescribed in the Vedic science and scriptures. Poojas apart from giving positive effect is said to build inner strength and credence.

pooja as remedy

Poojas are considered to be the most powerful way to reduce the negative effects of the planets when compared to any other means like Gems, Rudrakashas or any other materialistic way. More than a person hiring a Vedic Pundit or a purohit for performing the poojas when he himself learns the rituals and performs it by himself the results are highly favorable. But however it has to be performed the right way and the concerned person's horoscope has to be thoroughly analyzed before performing the specific pooja.

Today performance of poojas by the Pundits has itself become a separate field where it is very commercialized. In ancient days a pundit was taken care by the King of that place where the Majesty will provide the pundit with a piece of land and a house to live and the people of the town give them clothes and food as an offering (Dakshina) for teaching them the sastras and for performing the various poojas. So it was by this way in those days the pundits used to lead their life by teaching the knowledge of the Vedic sastras freely and performed the poojas and remedies also freely and accepted whatever the people offered them without any demands in cash or kind. This is not the same scenario today, the lure of money through astrology remedies and poojas is so strong and so the people and pundits have become more materialistic.

Pooja for Education / Saraswathi Pooja

Saraswathi Pooja

The most common pooja performed for the success in education is the Saraswathi Pooja. Goddess Saraswati, known as the Goddess of wisdom is an embodiment of knowledge, mastery in studies, sharpening of intellect and improvisation of memory. Thus the Saraswathi pooja marks the advocacy for those who want better outcomes or results in their studies or career. Maa Saraswathi pooja is highly recommended when a person is appearing for any competitive exam.

Pooja for progeny / Purusha Suktha Pooja

 Purusha Suktha Pooja

It is the utmost blessing to be blessed by the Almighty by a child and is to be one of the greatest wealth. People feel a new life when they get a child. The happiness to have a child cannot be expressed; it is an emotion which can be only felt. It is very important to know about the various factors in astrology which influences the factors related to have a child. In astrology the study and analysis of the houses and planets that dominate progeny to understand personal karma to conceive and initiate remedies for better progress are available. Thus when the Purusha Suktha Pooja is performed it helps in getting rid of all obstacles in the way of getting a child.

Pooja for Marital Life / Uma Maheshwari Pooja

Uma Maheshwari Pooja

The Uma Maheshwari pooja is recommended for assurance of marital happiness and peace for ever. The various factors affecting marriages are houses, degrees, and ascendant and dasha system. The planets Venus and Jupiter are the significators of marriage signifying growth and love. So when there is a problem with the position of the planets Venus and Jupiter then one has to perform the Uma Maheshwari pooja to be showered with the blessings of Uma, wife of Lord Shiva (Goddess Parvati) on the couple and help take out evil forces that are causing anger and differences to them.

Pooja for the Moon God

Pooja for  Moon

When the Moon is placed in a weak position in the birth chart, then the individuals are likely to face problems related to body fluids, mental and emotional problems such as frequent depressions and over-sensitivity. Thus when there is bad planetary positing of the Moon it will lead to various problems like mother's health, mental imbalance, skin and nervous disorders and jaundice. So when a person is affected with such disturbances he is advised to perform the Moon pooja and the most favorable day to perform pooja related to the Moon God is Monday. The pooja has to be accompanied by offering of raw rice pudding mixed with jaggery, white flowers (White Arali) and white clothing specifically made for the Chandran God. Once this pooja is performed it promises the concerned person to be blessed with child, wealth, property and prosperity.

Poojas for the Sun God

Poojas for  Sun

The Sun God is the ruler of the entire Universe and he also takes the credit of being the benefactor of our life. When the Sun is strong in a person's birth chart then he or she will be the healthiest with the capacity of very good digestion power, functioning of heart and circulation of blood. A person with strong Sun will be physically fit in all aspects. Whereas with the position of a weak Sun in the natal chart then we have to perform various poojas and rituals to please the Sun God and get the blessings of him for the enhancement in life. Sun reflects strength of mind along with the potency of physique so that could stand firmly while confronting the hurdles and would win over them. The Sun God is being recollected as a paradisiacal teacher and a divine explorer of wisdom and true knowledge of life for which he bestows supreme wisdom and intellect upon the natives of this mortal land.

Pooja for Mangal or Kuja God

Pooja for  Mangal

Mangal dosha is a very common dosha found both equally in men and women and is known by various other names like Chowa dosha, Kuja Dosha, Bhom Dosha or Angarakha Dosha. The Mangal or the Mars planet, according to Hindu Vedic astrology is one of the Navagraha planets which indicate characteristics like courage, strength, power and aggression. Apart from the favor, Mangal dosha brings about other negative influences commonly known as Mangal dosha and is very bad for marriage, resulting in distress and tension in relationship. Getting into marriage becomes very difficult and above all even if they get married it will result in separation and divorce. Tuesday is the most preferred day to perform any pooja related to Mangal God.

Pooja for the planet Mercury or Budha Pooja

Budha Pooja

The Budha pooja is dedicated to the planet Mercury and the most ideal day to perform this pooja is Wednesday. Mercury is the Lord of all the planets. A weak or a bad planetary positioning of the Mercury planet will result in problems related to hearing and speech for that particular age, sense disability to any good or bad smell in the environment, stammering, spoiled relation with friends and diseases of nervous system, etc. Thus when the Budh pooja is performed it helps in removing difficulties in life and increases our prosperity and fortune.

Pooja for the planet Jupiter or Guru Pooja

Guru Pooja

The Guru Pooja is also known as the Brihaspati pooja whcih is dedicated to the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is responsible for encouraging the spiritual energy and to fill the environment of a person with positive vibrations. Stronger the position of the Jupiter in a person's birth chart then equally proportion is the knowledge of the person. Bad positioning of the planet Jupiter affects a person with diabetes, liver and gallbladder problems, hip disorders, infertility and skin disorders. Thus a person with malefic Guru in his/her horoscope is recommended to perform the Guru Pooja to please the most auspicious Jupiter. The ideal day to perform the Brihaspati pooja is on Thursdays and yellow clothes are suggested to be worn on the pooja day. Thus by performing the Guru Pooja we are sure to be blessed with fortune, wealth, fame, luck, devotion and spirituality.

Hanuman Pooja

Hanuman Pooja

Hanuman pooja is mainly performed to get the blessings of the monkey God who is responsible for strength, wisdom and knowledge. It gives us the strength and courage to fight any difficult situation. Performance of the Hanuman pooja gives peace of mind. Hanuman pooja can be performed by placing a Hanuman deity on a red cloth kept on a platform. As we worship put vermillion on Hanuman Murti as well as on our forehead. A diya has to be kept lighted in front of the deity. Also keep pouring panchamrit and pure water on the deity of Lord Hanuman. Take some water in hand and think of a wish that has to be fulfilled and pray to the lord. It is very important during the puja to have chaste mind and good thoughts.

Ketu Pooja

Ketu Pooja

When Ketu is placed in a bad planetary position it will result in urinal diseases, back bone and joint pain, problems with nails especially in the foot. There might be lot of problems faced because of children especially son. When ketu is worshipped by performing poojas it hinders all the ill- effects caused by the other planets and showers wealth and prosperity on the native. It is also said to eliminate the effects of diseases,snake bites, effects from toxic substances that enter the body of one. The Grah Shanti Ketu Pooja mainly involves the worshipping of the dragon's tail.

Rahu Pooja

Rahu Pooja

Grah Shanti Rahu Pooja is recommended for those who are having a malefic Rahu or Rahu placed in a very bad planetary position in the natal chart. When the rahu pooja is performed Lord Rahu is pleased and he blesses the individual and protects him/her from the negative energy of Rahu or the Dragon's head. A malefic Rahu might lead to sudden accidents, injuries, phobias and mental diseases.

Shani Pooja

Shani Pooja

The ideal day to perform the Shani pooja is on Saturdays. When Shani is malefic it results in loneliness, distress, dejection, old age and death, restriction, undue responsibility, delays, loss of ambition, chronic suffering, losses, etc. The Shani pooja is believed to a great extent to cool down Shani and reduces its malefic effects resulted by Shani graha by way of Sadhe Sati. When we cool down the God of Saturn, the Shani Bhawan then we would be filled with positive factors like long life, authority, leadership, power, aspirations, humbleness, responsible, righteousness, perception, spirituality, hard work and operational skills.

Shukra Pooja

Shukra Pooja

The ruling God of Venus planet is Shukra. A malefic Shukra will lead to the native facing difficulties in life and in not able

to enjoying any material happiness of the world. A bad positioning of the Venus planet will also lead to unhappy married life

and lot of financial crisis. Once the Shukra pooja is performed the Lord is pleased and blesses us with love, romance, wealth and prosperity.