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Overview:It was named after W Wavell, the discoverer of the mineral.Wavellite is widespread in small amounts associated with limonite and phosphate-rock deposits and with low-grade metamorphism.

It is found frequently in small amounts in crevices in aluminous, low-grade metamorphic rocks and in limonite and phosphorite deposits.

It is a hydrous phosphate of alumina, occurring usually in hemispherical radiated forms varying in colour from white to yellow, green, or black.

Physical Properties:


Wavellite Birthstone

White to green
3.25 to 4
Specific Gravity
Crystal Group
Refractive Index

Symbolic Gemstone:Worry/Stress Stones

Usage:Helps emotional clearing at core soul levels. It is said that the stone will absorb the stress from your body the more you gently rub the stone. Strengthens one emotionally to be able to heal and change. Light green in color and promotes readiness to heal emotional issues from this and past lives.Used for fertilizer and jewelry.

Legend:Wavellite, named after its discoverer William Wavel who found it in clay near Barnstaple, Devon, England, is a rare mineral of secondary origin confirmed as a distinct species of mineral in 1805.

Occurrence: Arkansas, Pennsylvania, USA, Bolivia and England.