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Overview:Tektites are suspected of being of meteoric origin. They are rich in silica similar to natural glass (obsidian). Their name comes from the Greek word 'tektos', meaning 'molten'. Tektites are made of opaque to translucent, green, brown, grey, yellow-grey or black glass. Some tektites, called Moldavites, are especially prized for their clarity and unique green color.


Encourages gathering of knowledge. Assists one in visionary work, as well as assisting in

both lucid dreaming and dream recall. Tektites are also used to strengthen one's energy field.

Physical Properties:


Tektites Birthstone

black, green or colorless.
5 - 6
Specific Gravity

Sign of Tektites:Aries


The first written reference to tektites was about one thousand and fifty years ago, by Liu Sun in China, who gave them a name meaning 'Inkstone of the Thundergod'.

South-east Asia, Australasia, Caribbean-North America and Ivory Coast, West Africa, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Aouelloul Crater, Mauritania in Africa, the Libyan Desert; Irgiz, C.I.S, Dalat, South Vietnam, Laos, Kwantung province, China and Malaysia.