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Sulphur is associated with volcanic regions and has traditionally been used during magical working to drive off demons. An excellent stone for anything that erupts, such as feelings, violence, skin conditions or fevers; it can bring latent metaphysical abilities to the surface.

A powerful stone for karmic cleansing, Sulphur has a negative electrical charge and is extremely useful for absorbing destructive energies, emanations and emotions. Placed anywhere in the environment, it absorbs negativity and removes barriers to progress. Sulphur identifies negative traits within the personality, reaching rebellious, stubborn or obstreperous parts, opening the way to conscious change.

It blocks repetitive and distracting thought patterns and grounds thought processes. The Sulphur mineral is an amazing mineral that has a historical reputation for curing many ailments and alleviating the symptoms of many conditions. In third place behind calcium and phosphorus, Sulphur is the most abundant mineral in the human body. Every single living cell inside the body contains an element of Sulphur and it is also a component of amino acids which are seen as the building blocks of the body.

Sulphur has a reputation as being the body's beautifying mineral. If you have ever immersed yourself in a Sulphur spring, you know that this statement is true. Another reason for this claim to fame probably has to do with the fact that Sulphur is in keratin which keeps hair, fingernails and skin strong and healthy. Sulphur also plays a significant role in the production of collagen, skin's best ally. Collagen is actually present in the skin's connective tissues and these tissues help maintain the skin's elasticity. Collagen also helps wounds heal better and faster.

Sulphur is also involved in cellular respiration, which in simple terms means it helps the cells use oxygen efficiently. The end results of this bodily function are improved cell activity and brain function. Sulphur helps the body rid itself of toxins which is why it's known as a detoxifier. That's important because over time, toxins can build up inside the body and cause the immune system to weaken, or create an overall feeling of lethargy or even impair the body's own built-in cleansing system, the kidneys and liver. When the body is detoxified, it feels rejuvenated.

Physical Properties:


Sulphur Birthstone

Crystal System
S, Sulphur
USA, Italy, Greece, Japan, Indonesia, Russia, South America, Volcanic regions

Signs of Sulphur:Leo


Wilfulness, exhaustion, serious illness, creativity, infections, fevers, colds, swelling, fibrous and tissue growths, painful swellings and joint problems, skin conditions.


The general consensus on Sulphur is that most people get all they need from simply eating proteins. Therefore, there are no recommended daily allowance guidelines for this mineral. Considering all the benefits derived from Sulphur, it makes sense to make sure protein is part of every diet, regardless of age.


Notable occurrences include Michigan and Ohio, USA, Sicily, Poland and Chile.