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Smokey quartz or Smoky quartz is the National Gem of Scotland. Smoky quartz commonly occurs in quartz veins where it crystallizes inside rock cavities known as vugs. Smoky quartz is a translucent grayish/brown quartz with natural irradiation. Smoky quartz can occur as secondary quartz crystals on cryptocrystalline quartz like agate.

Smoky quartz sometimes forms with an etched pattern of lines, depressions and raised terminations.


Helps us turn our wishes, dreams and desires into reality. Improves abdomen, kidneys, pancreas and the sexual organs. Protects against harmful electrical vibrations. It is also particularly useful for meditation and when working to contact or align with one's one's higher self. It is said to provide clarity of thought, improve intuition and enhance survival instincts, and to stimulate higher awareness in meditative states. Draws out distortion on all levels. Smoky quartz is also popular as an ornamental stone for jewelry.

The transparent prismatic crystals with glassy luster. Best field indicators of smoky-quartz are its crystal habit, color, brittleness and hardness if not fibrous.

Physical Properties:

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz  Birthstone

Brown, gray, black
Specific Gravity
Refractive Index


Scientists debate the source of the color of Smoky Quartz, but some believe it comes from exposure to radiation. Others attribute the color to traces of Aluminum.


Sri Lanka, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Maine, New Hampshire, Alabama and Colorado.