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The name Serpentine refers to a group of predominately green minerals that occur in masses of tiny inter grown crystals. Its name comes from the word "serpent," or snake, and the suffix "-ine," or like. Serpentine is a translucent, waxy silicate of magnesium.The Serpentine is formed when olivine, or peridot, breaks down and forms in metamorphosed basalts.


Effective as a temple stone in meditation, it is sued for calling upon the Great Spirit. Cleanses aura. Manifests desires and dreams. Serpentine is said to restore self-confidence, dispel fear and enhance meditation.

For women it is said to balance hormones and to assist milk production in nursing mothers. Serpentine can give assistance to the disorders in all the areas of the body, meaning the emotional state, the mental state, as well as the physical state.

Physical Properties:


Serpentine  Birthstone

white, grey, yellow, brown.
Specific Gravity
2.0 - 2.6
Refractive Index
1.560 - 1.571

Sign of Serpentine: Pisces


This stone has also been referred to as snakestone because of it's patterning. It is the state mineral of California where it is found in Abundance. Used widely by carvers in Zimbabwe as soapstone due to it's softness.


New Zealand, China, Afghanistan, South Africa, Italy, England, and the USA