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Selenite is the name given to colorless, transparent Gypsum. Selenite denotes the clear crystal variety that is less common. Selenite is the natural version of fiber optics. Crystals form in strange shapes often called Angel-wings or Fish-Bones. Selenite is also referred to as Gypsum and Alabaster.

Usage:It can be used as a scanning device for those of us who are not visually orientated, to get an overall view of a person's light system to see the thought forms in their energy body. Has positive effect on brain, aiding power of concentration and clarity.

Clarifies awareness and helps you reach higher states of consciousness. Brings protection, transforms and heals negativity. Selenite's high vibrational energy aids us in aligning our higher selves with our concious physical lives helping us to manifest our desires into the physical.

Physical Properties:


Selenite Birthstone

1.5 - 2
Specific Gravity
Refractive Index

Astrological Signs for Selenite:Taurus


Selenite-Desert Rose: (color-Beige, white ) Brings about security, safety, the feeling that all is well.Selenite-Hour Glass: (color-Clear, orange )Fosters awareness of time as a physical limit.Selenite-Phantom : (color-Clear and tan) Helps neurological problems, injuries, and traumas.


Lockport, Niagra Co., New York, South Was, Wayne Co., Utah, Maravilla Mine, Naica, Chihuahua, and Mexico.