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Scapolite, which is Greek for "shaft", is commonly found in stubby to long prismatic crystals, hence the name. Scapolite is actually the name of a series between the sodium chloride rich mineral called marialite and the calcium carbonate rich mineral meionite.

It is essentially a silicate of alumina and soda. Scapolite is also called Wernerite, named after the German Geologist A.G. Werner.

Scapolite is typically an altered form of plagioclase feldspars found in metamorphic rocks.

Physical Properties:


Scapolite Birthstone

greenish gray, yellow, brown, reddish, pink, violet, blue
5.5 - 6
Specific Gravity
2.5 - 2.7
Refractive Index
1.54 to 1.60


Scapolite is said to bring peace of mind and calm debilitating emotions. Scapolite is helpful for eyesight, mental clarity; glaucoma, cataracts, tension and pain in shoulders. It is also used in the treatment of bone disorders and can provide relief from shoulder and upper body aches. Rarely used in jewelry. It provides the stimulus needed for change, allows one to move on and to grow as a person.


New Jersey, New York in USA, Norway, Mount Vesuvius, Italy and Mexico, Brazil, Madagascar, Tremorgio, Switzerland and Burma.