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Quartz is a crystalline rock or mineral composed of silicon dioxide. It is actually very common, and occurs in many varieties, a number of which are gemstones, some of which are very beautiful and very rare. Quartz has been the common chameleon of gemstones, standing in for more expensive gemstones ranging from Diamond to Jade.

Quartz is the most common mineral on earth. It occurs in basically all mineral environments, and is an important constituent of many rocks. Quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen, a combination known to geologists as the building block of minerals.

Physical Properties:


Quartz Birthstone

Colorless, gray, brown, yellow, orange, violet, red, pink
Specific Gravity
2.65 - 2.66
Refractive Index
1.543 - 1.552

Sign of Quartz:Capricorn


Quartz brings the energy of the stars into the soul and stimulates the spiritual energy centers. It is used to facilitate speaking with and receiving information from the spiritual and otherworldly masters, healers and teachers. Amplifies and transmits subtle vibrations helping to focus, direct and store energy.Quartz is essential in the computer industry, for the all-important silicon semiconductors are made from Quartz. Quartz is important in the production of soaps and ceramics.


The Greeks believed quartz crystal was fossilized ice. Scientists believed this as late as the 16th century. Some say the origin of the word quartz is the Saxon word "querkluftertz", meaning "a cross vein ore," which later was condensed to "querertz." Roman ladies carried quartz crystal balls to cool their hands in warm weather and Roman soldiers used it to capture sunlight for cauterizing wounds.


Brazil, Uraguay, Mexico, Russia, Thunder Bay area of Canada, some localities in USA.