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Overview:Purpurite assists you to speak in public with clarity and confidence, safe in the knowledge that no outside influence can interfere with the dissemination of your views. This stone facilitates a house sale when adverse environmental and neighbourhood forces block the sale, especially where past-life conflict is being recreated. Purpurite can also break old habits or attitudes that keep you imprisoned or mired in old ways. Opening the way to spiritual evolution and enlightenment, it assists you to reach a high spiritual vibration and to progress without hindrance. With excellent energizing properties for the physical and mental bodies, Purpurite overcomes tiredness and despondency at any level. It increases alertness and receptivity to guidance and new ideas.

Purpurite forms a series with the mineral heterosite. Purpurite is the manganese rich end member and heterosite is the iron rich end member. Purpurite is a very rare mineral that would get much attention in the semi-precious stone market due to its striking color, if it were not for this rarity. Purpurite is an alteration product of an equally rare mineral called lithiophyllite, LiMnPO4. The alteration takes place atom by atom and actually forms what is called a pseudomorph or "false shape". A pseudomorph is a mineral that has the shape of one mineral but has a different chemistry and/or structure.

The alteration is an oxidation reaction with the manganese ion going from a positive two (+2) charge in lithiophyllite to an ion with a positive three (+3) charge in purpurite.

Physical Properties:


Purpurite Birthstone

Crystal System
(Mn, Fe)PO4, Manganese iron phosphate
USA, Namibia, Western Australia, France

Sign of Purpurite:Virgo

With the change in charge in the manganese ion,the lithium ion is then lost. Often some of the original lithiophyllite is still present in most purpurite specimens. The purple color or purpurite is truly unique in the mineral rainbow.

Usage:Exhaustion, despair, bruises, bleeding, pustules, cardio-thoracic system and blood flow, blood purification, stabilizing the pulse.This mineral can be used in the treatment of hemorrhages, bruises, and superficial wounds. It can assist in providing proper transport of the bood from the heart to the lungs. It can be used to control the level of uric acid and to stabilize the pulse rate. This mineral can also assist in the purification of the blood.

Legend:Purpurite has a silky violet sheen. It is a calming stone that strengthens intuition and opens the crown chakra.

Occurrence: Notable Occurrences include Namibia; western Australia; North Carolina, USA and France.