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Petrified wood is wood that has fossilized leaving a stone like replica of the original wood. Many people in southern Arkansas use light-colored petrified wood as flower-garden decoration pieces or borders.


It provides for access and information concerning past-lives. Petrified Wood removes obstacles that stand in the way reaching your goals. Helps the spirit function in the body. Petrified Wood helps restore physical energy and is good in relieving hip and back problems.Petrified wood is fossil wood used for jewelry and ornamentation.

Physical Properties:

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood  Birthstone

Brown, green or gray
6.5 - 7

Stone for grounding, Powerful meditation stone, stone of strength and courage.


Petrified Wood is of course ancient wood that has been buried and replaced (fossilized) by quartz, agate or other colorful minerals. Petrified Wood was adopted as Washington's State Gemstone in 1975. Fossil formed during the Triassic period and Jurassic period by the invasion of minerals into cavities between and within cells of natural wood, usually by silica, calcite or in some cases rare gemstone material.


Brazil, Australia, Madagascar as well as the United States, Argentina, Egypt and the Czech Republic have more of petrified wood.