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Overview:A stone of karmic grace, Okenite teaches that everything is part of the cycle of learning the soulís lessons and, evolving from that knowledge, nothing has to be endured for ever. Bringing deep self-forgiveness, it assists in completing karmic cycles and eases karmic guilt. When you have done all you can, you can step out of a situation without incurring further karmic debt.

Okenite clears obstacles from your path and promotes the stamina to finish your life tasks. As a stone of truth, it instils integrity, and protects from the harshness that can arise when others speak their truth. Okenite releases old patterns and brings in more appropriate beliefs. It is helpful for anyone suffering from prudishness, especially where this is linked to past-life vows of chastity.

Okenite is an unusual mineral. It frequently forms "cottonball" clusters where the crystals are so thin they look like tiny fibers. The clusters are composed of straight, radiating, thread thin, crystals. These clusters can make for very attractive specimens and often accompany many fine and rare minerals such as apophyllite, gyrolite and many of the zeolites.

Physical Properties:


Okenite Birthstone

Crystal System
CaH2 Si2O6O H2O, Zeolite
India, Iceland, Greenland, Chile, USA

Sign of Okenite:Sagittarius


Some volcanic bubbles (called vesicles) can be lined with delicate tufts of okenite and these are sometimes called "Okenite Geodes". They form a mesmerizing crystal wonderland-like landscape. One note of caution: the clusters seem to bring out an urge in people to touch the fine fibers and to "test" the minerals softness. Discourage and refrain from this as the crystals are very delicate and once touched, are never the same again.

Lepidolite, like other micas, has a layered structure of lithium aluminum silicate sheets weakly bonded together by layers of potassium ions. These potassium ion layers produce the perfect cleavage. lepidolite crystals accompany such other lithium bearing minerals such as tourmaline, amblygonite and spodumene and can add greatly to the value of these specimens. A rock made of granular pink lepidolite and red to pink tourmaline is used as an ornamental stone for carving. Single large plates or "books" of lepidolite can have appealling violet color and make attractive mineral specimens.

Usage:Blood flow, lactation, circulation in the upper body, fever, nervous disorders, skin eruptions.

Legend:It was first described in 1828 for an occurrence at Disko Island, Greenland and named for German naturalist Lorenz Oken. Okenite is associated primarily with the crown chakra but can align and purify the energy of all chakras.Okenite may sometimes be confused with cotton wool by the uninitiated observer.†

Occurrence: Okenite is largely found in India, mainly within the state of Maharashtra. Other localities include Bulla Island, Azerbaijan; Aranga, New Zealand; Chile; Ireland and Bordo Island in the Faroe Islands.