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Extremely fine microcrystalline Quartz, Novaculite is named from the Latin novacula, meaning razor, and this stone was used over 3,000 years ago to make spear points and arrow tips. Traditionally a whetstone to sharpen metals, it hones the soul and the psyche.

Helpful in finding the gift in any situation no matter how dire, Novaculite has an extremely high energy that facilitates angelic contact and spiritual journeying.

The ultimate cord-cutting tool, gliding through blockages and problems, it can be used at the chakras or on the etheric body for psychic surgery. An excellent conductor or electromagnetic energy, Novaculite amends the etheric blueprint. Helpful to those who sell services to others, it brings buyer and seller together and enhances personal magnetism. It is reputed to boost interstellar contact and decipher ancient languages.

Novaculite is a hard, dense, white-to-grayish-black sedimentary rock, composed of microcrystalline quartz. It is translucent on its thin, sharp edges and usually breaks with a smooth conchoidal (shell-like) fracture. The word "novaculite" is derived from a Latin word meaning "razor stone." Novaculite is found in the Ouachita Mountains in formations that are highly resistant to erosion. These formations range from about 250 to 900 feet in thickness.

Physical Properties:


Novaculite Birthstone

Crystal System
SiO2, Silicon dioxide
Crown and higher crown, opens, energizes and aligns all

Sign of Novaculite: Scorpio

There are two categories of Arkansas Novaculite classified by the abrasives industry. The “Washita” stone has the dull luster of unglazed porcelain. It is more porous and less dense than the “Arkansas” stone, which is extremely fine-grained with a waxy luster. There has been recent interest in the fine-grained novaculite as a lapidary (jewelry-making) material. Any impurities add beautiful colors to specimens used for jewelry.

Novaculite is microscopically porous, allowing it to accept many stains and dyes. Metallic nitrates, salts or carbohydrates in solution will penetrate this stone to great depths. Then careful heating can yield dramatic color changes.


Etheric body, obtaining a new perspective, depression, obsessive disorders, warts, moles, chills, cellular structure, elasticity, healthy skin, multidimensional healing.Physically novaculite is helpful for healing of clinical depression, obsessive disorders, warts, and moles.


Novaculite is useful for alleviating depression and despair. Novaculite energizes all the chakras.


Notable occurrences include Brazil; Ural Mountains, Russia; several African localities and California, USA.