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Overview:Moissanite is a hard mineral that was discovered by Dr. Ferdinand Henri Moissan, a French chemist and Nobel Prize winner. Natural Moissanite is very rare and is limited to iron-nickel meteorites and a few other rare ultra-mafic igneous occurences. Moissanite is hexagonal, not isometric and therefore it is doubly refractive unlike diamond. Moissanite is also slightly less dense than diamond and is rarely perfectly clear of color, having pale shades of green. Moissanite in fact is sometimes placed into the Carbon Group which includes diamond and graphite.

Usage:Moissanite has the potential for shimmering brilliance, fire, luster, and incredible hardness. It has many uses

especially as an abrasive, semi-conductor and as Diamond simulants.

Physical Properties:


Moissanite Birthstone

9 - 9.25
Specific Gravity
Refractive Index


Moissanite was originally born from a star. Dr. Henri Moissan, a Nobel Prize winning chemist, discovered

minute quantities of natural silicon carbide while

analyzing part of the Diablo Canyon meteorite in 1893.

The mineral name became Moissanite in 1905.

Occurrence: Diablo Canyon or Meteor Crater in Arizona and as a trace in several kimberlite deposits and Placer deposits eroded from them.