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It is famous for its vivid green tone with areas of black in the same specimen. It is composed of Chrome Jadeite, Ureyite, and Natrolite.; Named after a village in northern Burma(Myanmar), Mawsitsit is a high-Chromium content cousin of Jadeite.


It is said that it is made up of six main components: Chromite, ureyite, chrome-jadeite, symplektite, chrome amphibole, and a matrix of lighter minerals.

Mawsitsit was formed in connection with high pressure low temperature rock metamorphosis which affected an ultra basic body locally.

Physical Properties:


Mawsitsit Birthstone

6 - 7
Specific Gravity
2.5 - 3.5
Refractive index
1.52 - 1.74

Care should be taken to avoid contact with chemicals and heat and the use of ultrasonics on this stone.


Mawsitsit is used for carvings and cut into cabochons for jewelry. It is suitable for everyday wear jewelry.


Mawsitsit was first identified by Swiss Gemologist, Eduard Gubelin in 1963. The famous gemologist was traveling in Burma and noticed a bright green rock with black inclusions being mined. It had taken over 30 years for this beautiful material to become available to the world at large.


Jaguaracu, Minas Gerais, Valencia Mine, Guananajuato, Henneberg , Kola Peninsula , Mont Saint-Hilaire , Monte Cervandone , Langesunsfjord and Maehren.