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Lepidolite derives from the Greek lepidos, meaning scale. Dissipating negativity and inducing calm, it is excellent for clearing electromagnetic pollution and should be placed on computers or gridded around the house. A stone of transition, Lepidolite insists on being used for the highest good and brings about reconciliation.

Activating and opening all chakras, it brings in cosmic awareness. Lepidolite assists in shamanic or spiritual journeying, and accesses the Akashic Record. Showing you thoughts and feelings from other lives that are creating a blockage in your life now, it can take you forward into the future. Containing lithium, it is helpful in stabilizing bipolar disorders.

Lepidolite gently removes and restructures outworn behavioural patterns, encouraging independence and the achieving of goals without outside help. Placed over the site of disease, it gently vibrates. With its power of objectivity and concentration, it aids analytic processes and decision-making, focusing on what is important, and filtering out extraneous distractions.

Physical Properties:


Lepidolite Birthstone

Crystal System
AlSi3O1O(OH, F) 2, Hydrated potassium aluminium silicate
USA, Czech Republic, Brazil, Madagascar, Dominican Republic

Sign of Lepidolite:Libra

Lepidolite is an uncommon mica and has only in the past decade become available on the mineral market in large quantities. Lepidolite is an ore of lithium and forms in granitic masses that contain a substantial amount of lithium. The lithium content in lepidolite does vary greatly however and low lithium lepidolite is nearly useless as an ore of lithium. The typical violet to pink color of lepidolite is characteristic and is the only field test available to identify lepidolite from other micas.

Lepidolite, like other micas, has a layered structure of lithium aluminum silicate sheets weakly bonded together by layers of potassium ions. These potassium ion layers produce the perfect cleavage. lepidolite crystals accompany such other lithium bearing minerals such as tourmaline, amblygonite and spodumene and can add greatly to the value of these specimens. A rock made of granular pink lepidolite and red to pink tourmaline is used as an ornamental stone for carving. Single large plates or "books" of lepidolite can have appealling violet color and make attractive mineral specimens.

Usage:Addictions, anorexia, emotional or mental dependency, bipolar disorders, nightmares, stress, obsessive thoughts, despondency, emotional lability,digestion, muscle relaxation, allergies, anger, depression, immune system, restructuring DNA, generation of negative ions, exhaustion, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, nerve pain, sciatica, neuralgia, joint problems, detoxification of skin and connective tissue, menopause, illnesses caused by sick-building Syndrome, computer stress, repetitive strain injury and tendonitis.

Legend:Lepidolite is not technically a gemstone, but a very beautiful purplish type of mica. It is referred to by healers as the Peace Stone.

Occurrence: Notable occurrences include Brazil; Ural Mountains, Russia; several African localities and California, USA.