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The name Labradorite is derived from Labrador which is the main and original source of the Canadian variety of this feldspar stone. Labradorite is also called as Labradore.Labradorite is a lovely blue stone which displays a quality called labradorescence, in which a rainbow of colorful lightwaves play across cleavage planes within the stone.

The stone labradorite is also sometimes known as spectrolite. Labradorite is dark grey/black with blue, green and/or yellow sheen.


Labradorite will help reveal your spiritual destiny to you. It is effective in meditation to strengthen your intuition and psychic abilities. It promotes willpower, a deeper understanding of self, and stimulates mental processes.

Physical Properties:


Labradorite Birthstone

Iridescent violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange
6 - 6.5
Specific Gravity
2.69 - 2.72
Refractive index
1.560 - 1.572

Sign of Labradorite:Libra

This gemstone elicits creativity by inspiring you to come up with original ideas and solutions to problems. Labradorite is an excellent gemstone for those seeking to lose weight as it balances and regulates metabolism.


Labradorite officially was discovered on St. Paul Island in Labrador, Canada, in 1770. During the 18th century, labradorite became one of the stones frequently used in jewelry in France and England.


It occurs in Labrador (Canada), Ukraine, Australia, Mexico, Norway, U.S.A, India, Madagascar, Newfoundland and Russia.